Life and Death of a Playmate

The death of America's Playmate yesterday turned media outlets into daytime soap operas, as they try to answer a multitude of questions about the former model and reality star's untimely passing at age 39.

Anna Nicole Smith's mysterious death sparked a public frenzy for numerous reasons, as the media questions who will inherit her supposed $474 billion fortune. Smith's infant daughter's paternity is in question, as two men vie to be young Dannielynn's Daddy.

The former wild child, born Vickie Lynn Hogan in a small Texas town, became famous for her sensationally ditzy ways, her famous Playboy centerfolds, a reality television show and her controversial marriage to the 89-year-old billionaire oil tycoon, J. Howard Marshall II, whose estate she's battling his family for since his death in 1994. READ MORE

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Here's What FOX Fans Are Saying:

"She stood for most of what is wrong with America. Her death — although sad to her family and friends — is no great loss to the rest of us. The media needs to get over it and on to more important things." — Robert (Gulf Breeze, FL)

"I see a tragic end for a woman who could have done so much more for herself, her life and her God. What can I say? Her final moments? Was she sorry for her sins? I hope so, I sincerely hope so." — Carol, (Portland, OR)

"I think its really sad that she got addicted to drugs to find happiness or to deal with the media frenzy surrounding her life, — but she did ask for the attention. The family of the billionaire is really due the money he earned during his lifetime, not all to Smith, as she did nothing to help him earn it all." — Michelle

"I'm heartbroken and happy both at the same time. I'm heartbroken that we will never again see her beautiful face or her cheerful voice. I'm heartbroken that her daughter will never know her mother. But at the same time, I'm happy that Anna is finally with the love of her life again. She is now reunited with Daniel — and once again — she is happy and no longer lonely. Rest in peace Anna." — Debra

"I do want to compliment FOX for the reporting that you did on her death. It certainly takes away from the presidential candidates. That is a blessing." — Doris (Houston, TX)

"I'm sure there are plenty of people who find Anna a fascinating creature in life and a tragic figure in death. The whole thing is really taking up too much time for people who have so many things in the 'real world' that matter much more to them then this poor woman. It is sensational because of her strange behavior, too many fathers for her little girl, the son she lost, her family who has disowned her and I'm sure plenty of other reasons." — Cece

"Anna's death is a sad tragedy. Why couldn't someone have cared enough to save her? In all of her interviews lately, something was going on with her. Her son's death should be investigated. Everyone gets so caught up in the celebrity, that we forget there's a child involved. Some one missed the boat on getting her help and it's too late now. A young person has passed on before her time." — Teresa

"This is one of the most tragic stories I've ever heard. This woman needed help and there was not a true friend around to provide it." — Debra

"Anna died the way she lived. ...what a waste of life for someone who could have had so much going for her. Let's not spend more time on her while we have so many more important issues going on." — John

"Thank you for this opportunity … what a tragedy! I will be very shocked if she did not die of some kind of drug overdose. She has been on a down spiral for so long, may she now rest in peace with her son." — Linda

"Normally, I would just chalk this up as just another Hollywood celebrity that couldn't handle her fame. She had a lot of money and abused herself, because she thought she could. In this case what is interesting is the timing of her death, so close to her son's. It's creepy that Howard K. Stern was present at BOTH incidents! So suspicious!" — Michael

"Larry Birkhead's rights to his own baby are being denied because he is poor. He should have the right to require a test! That should be the law! Is our legal system really that unfair? If so, it is evil!" — Yancey

"I think the coverage has gone beyond what is sensible and it is time to demote to the news coverage on the half hour. Their are more important events in this country that need air time. " — Robert

"Another sad death we will never hear the end of. Two deaths, same family, mysterious circumstances and the same person present each time. Let the conspiracy theories start." — John

"Well a drug overdose would be everyone's first guess. What I don't get is there are many more important issues than to speculate about her death. She's dead, she will not be resurrected …we hope! Personally, the fact that she is considered an 'icon' is degrading to the entertainment profession. Her own town sees her as more of an embarrassment than an icon. Can we please stop emulating Anna Nicole and put her entire over dramatic life to REST?" — Donna

"What was a 39-year-old doing with a private nurse?" — William

"As far as who is the real daddy to the child? The answer: Who cares?" — Troy

"Anna's death is tour generation as Norma Jean (a.k.a. Monroe) was to the last. Both passed in a hotel, with a possible drug overdose." — Clifton