GM to Edit Robot Ad After Criticism From Anti-Suicide Group

General Motors (GM ) says it'll edit a commercial about a sad robot jumping off a bridge because complaints were made to a suicide-prevention group.

The ad made its debut during the Super Bowl .

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GM had initially said it would not change the spot, but the company changed its plans after a meeting this morning with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention . The group says it started receiving complaints the day after the game.

The ad opens with the machine dropping a screw while working on a GM assembly line. It's kicked out of the plant and finds work waving a "Condos for Sale" sign and holding up a speaker at a fast-food joint. It appears sad as it watches new GM vehicles drive by.

As the song "All By Myself" plays, the despondent robot leaps off a bridge into the water below. It then wakes up inside the factory. It was all a dream.

GM says it wanted to show its obsession with quality.

No date's been set for airing the airing the revised commercial.

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