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Question 1: The maker of Snickers bars plans to stop marketing that candy and others to children under 12, citing what reason?

A. Obesity concerns
B. Peanut allergies
C. Wasteful packaging
D. Type II diabetes

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Question 2: On Monday, a newspaper reported that amateur paleontologists found a remarkable trove of more than 100 fossilized dinosaur eggs, each about the size of a softball. In what country were the eggs discovered?

A. China
B. India
C. Mongolia
D. South Korea

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Question 3: On Sunday, Prince rocked classic hits during the Halftime Show at the Super Bowl football game at Dolphin Stadium in Miami. Who performed the National Anthem during the Pregame Show?

A. The Material Girl
B. The Lips
C. The Piano Man
D. The Boss

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Question 4:On Tuesday, a NASA astronaut was accused of trying to kidnap a romantic rival for a space shuttle pilot's affections. What crime was astronaut Lisa Marie Nowak charged with?

A. Kidnapping
B. Larceny
C. Attempted first-degree murder
D. Harassment

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Question 5: On Tuesday, what popular Hasbro children's toy was recalled after 29 reports of what potential injury?

A. Easy Bake Oven: fingers/hands can be caught in the oven's opening
B. Operation Board Game: sharp toy scalpel can be used as a weapon
C. Wetsy Betsy: toxic fake urine is making children ill
D. Malibu Barbie: doll's hair is a choking hazzard

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Question 6: On Monday evening, what show did former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani appear on, and answer questions about a possible presidential run, in which he acknowledged that he was indeed "in it to win it?"

A. FNC's O'Reilly Factor
B. CNN's Anderson Cooper 360°
C. FNC's Hannity & Colmes
D. CNN's The Situation Room

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Question 7: On Wednesday, archaeologists announced that they have unearthed two skeletons from the Neolithic period buried outside Mantua, 25 miles away from the Romeo & Juliet famed location, Verona. How long have these lovers been hugging?

A. 4,000-5,000 years
B. 5,000-6,000 years
C. 7,000-8,000 years
D. 9,000-10,000 years

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Question 8: On Wednesday, which New York politician proposed a bill that would make using electronic devices — including iPods, Blackberrys and cell phones — illegal to use in city crosswalks and subjectable to a fine of $100?

A. Hillary Clinton
B. Chuck Schumer
C. Carl Kruger
D. Rudy Giuliani

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Question 9: Her son is fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan, but one Connecticut mother was waging a war of her own this week over her right to do what?

A. Beat up Cindy Sheehan
B. Start an anit-Iraq picket line outside her condominium
C. Place American flags in her neighbors mailboxes
D. Fly Old Glory on her front lawn

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Question 10: The U.S. government wants to arm pilots flying planes overseas, and is working with other countries on agreements. Why does the government want to follow through with this process?

A. To defend against out of control passengers
B. To combat potential terrorists
C. To scare passengers into eating the plane food
D. To give pilots the same arms rights as air marshals

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Question 11: A former NBA player is set to throw down a monster dunk with a tell-all book in which he reveals what about himself?

A. He dabbled in steroids during his NBA career
B. He is homosexual, the first member of the NBA to step out of the closet
C. He has a gambling addiction, and bet on NBA games
D. He had an affair with Michael Jordan's wife, to whom the NBA great is divorcing

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Question 12: As Anna Nicole Smith's autopsy was getting under way on Friday, the mother of the former Playboy Playmate blamed drugs for her daughter's sudden death at age 39. Aside from the results, what other woes remain?

A. Bidding war over footage of the final moments of her life
B. Custody battle over her five-month-old daughter
C. Fight over her ex-husband's multi-million dollar estate
D. All of the above

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