Q&A With Col. David Hunt

We asked and you listened! FOX Fan received an overwhelming amount of questions for Col. David Hunt. Please continue to send in your military questions, and be sure to check out his column archive!

"Even though we must engage Iran in discussions, how much do you think we can accomplish as long as oil prices are relatively high ($50+ a barrel)? It seems several years ago that the regime softened a bit when oil prices were low. Would weakening their economic standing with a soft oil market help our chances in finding a diplomatic solution to Iran and Iraq?"Chris

Col. Hunt: Yes that would work however, you need to get the EU and Russia to play with you and so far neither has been willing to do so."

"Not sure about the LT making videos — wasn't/isn't there some stipulation in the regs that "nails" that to the wall? I'm already sure the young LT crossed the line failing to follow orders but stepping out of the formation after signing the papers seems a bit overboard." — Bert, MSgt, USAF

Col. Hunt: Yes the LT is screwed more ways than a French prostitute.

"1. Why is the military allowing this 'slanted' view, by the politicians and media, without any rebuttal?
2. Why are proven and studied combat tactics not used to overcome the insurgents in Baghdad?
3. When 9-11 occurred, many Vietnam veterans (and subsequent conflicts) volunteered to serve this country again. We were informed we were too old. Subsequently, when this war began, we again volunteered. Again, we're told we are too old. We know how to fight. We have combat experience. We would rather ( I would rather ) go and fight than have my son-in -law there for the second time. I would rather have to live through the nightmares from combat, again, than have my son-in-law have to. I would prefer to die in combat, die for our country, than lose my son-in-law or any other young man or woman. It is viewed we lost Vietnam. The veterans of Vietnam (and subsequent conflicts), contrary to this belief, know how to win if provided the opportunity. What say you?" — Roy

Col. Hunt: Man, are you on target — the last Vietnam guy with any combat has just left. Eldon Bargswell a former SSG with SOG, who won the DCS and they never gave him a Division. This new "star" being talked about Patreaus that allegedly wrote the new counter insurgency manual, is light on combat experience — care to guess why a new counter insurgency manual had to be written? Because the Army discontinued the original version and would not consult with the Special Forces experts at Fort Bragg for help. On the slanted view issue, we suck at public relations in our government and are paying the price.

"Would you speak OUT about the accidents of the Apaches as of lately? As a mother of an Apache Pilot ( 1st Lt. ) college educated, I am saddened that the Army is not looking more closely at what they can do to make the Choppers more safe! I just talked to my son, stationed in Illesheim, Germany. He is going for the second time to Iraq. Their radar equipment is already dismounted since they do not need it in Iraq. That equipment weighs about 800 pounds. How about putting BULLET PROOF MATERIAL around those Apaches, Black Hawks etc.? Would that not be cheaper than losing the Choppers AND THE SOLDIERS?" — Lore

Col. Hunt: We have lost 4 U.S. helo's in Iraq in the last two weeks, three Army and one Blackwater. Fort Rucker is looking at it but not fast enough for my money. We have the best pilots in the world flying some old birds using old gear inside. The bad guys are getting better I am afraid. My best wishes to your very brave son.

"How can we as average citizens help in the war effort. I support our troops in their organizations but are there other things we can do here at home that can help, much like our parents did in WW 2? Please help me with any information you may have. Thanks." — Bobby (Courtland, VA)

Col. Hunt: There are great private organizations that are helping the troops like the Wounded Warrior Program and Websites like "Two Babes and a Brain" have given stuff to the troops and many others. You can contact these organizations for referrals as well — it is very nice of you to want to help.

"Our fight goes beyond Iraq. It is global. Why is it people refuse or can't see that? Semper Fi!" — Al (Florida)

Col. Hunt: They refuse to see because our government is not telling them enough and we are not being asked to sacrifice like our parents did in WWII. Only the soldiers are sacrificing. You are right our fight is global and it will last for generations. Also, the troubles in Iraq and Afghanistan have caused many to doubt the effort.

"Col. Hunt, have you ever seriously considered running for a public office? I realize that you may have been asked this before, but I'm deadly serious. We need people like you to help guide us out of this mess. Please think about it. I love to listen to you, as you are one of the very few who have a plan and an idea, and don't stop to because of political ramifications. Thanks and keep it up."Karyl (Tucson, AZ)

Col. Hunt:
You are very kind...and off your medications. No way, no how, could I run for public office — for one, I have little or no hair, and you must have good hair to run for public office. Thank you again, but "go in the corner and only come out when this thought leaves you."

"What is your assessment of the claims that Saddam's WMDs were flown to Syria, stated in the book by General Georges Sada, 'Saddam's Secrets?'" — Susan

Col. Hunt: Let us say for argument sake that this is true, which it is not ... why in the hell are we not going into Syria to get them? If WMDs was that big a deal — and it was — we would/should be going anywhere to find it. Sorry, it was not there since 1998. We have spent over two years with 1500 trained US experts looking for it and have said ... its not there and we do not know where it went if he really had them.

"Love to hear you on FOX, I know your from Boston so just a quick question about this week's "terrorist" threat generated by those two idiots from the cartoon network. Did anybody stop to think the reason the devices has wires and batteries was because they lit up? It seems there's was a lot of hysteria generated by something that could have easily been defused if somebody had stopped to think."Al CMSgt, USAF, Retired

Col. Hunt: I am in the minority on this one like you, I think the great cops in Boston overreacted, those devices where there for over two weeks and they were in nine other cities. If I was a bad guy, I learned a lot from watching what Boston did and did not do. Boston got two million paid to them for this stunt — I hope they spend it wisely.

"Can you help me understand why we continue to send patrols out to become targets for ambushes of one sort or another? It seems we continue to offer our brave soldiers up for enemy pop-up targets and don't change our strategy. In Iraq, no shock, no awe, no enemy body count, no victories, only U.S. casualties."D. Saylors

Col. Hunt: I was just there and it is worse than you are suggesting we are simply not allowing our great guys to do their jobs; we are fighting a Politically Correct War with predictable results.

"Why can't we find the people who release Classified Reports and convict them?" —Ernie (Columbus, OH)

Col. Hunt: We can find them, we have, but in many cases they are so senior that we do not prosecute them. Leaking is a way of life in DC and it is very very wrong. For example, last year there were three very sensitive CIA programs leaked to the press —this, while we are fighting a war, it is outrageous. If we did what you are suggesting it might slow it down some.

"Did you find that the firing of the Senior Commanders affected troop morale?"JJM

Col. Hunt: No the generals were to high up to effect the soldiers in the fight.

"How do we engage the American Public to help in the war on terror? During WWII people sacrificed at a rather high level. I remember rationing. Long hours of welding life floats for my dad and mother. What as Americans can we do, or say to have success in Iraq and the Middle East? I had hopes of high technology breaking the backs of the opposition? Stop the money flow? I ’m curious, what would the dramatic (and effective) thing be? I agree we should be getting after these Shiite militias and the Iranians. Should we be bombing the staging areas in Iran? Blockading Iranian ports until they shape up? I respect your opinion, certainly a lot more than the press and politicians I hear whining every day." — Dave

Col. Hunt: Our government has not demanded the sacrifice, only the soldiers are sacrificing while the rest of us worry about missing blondes in Aruba. We should be doing a lot more to Iran and Syria than we are for sure. Money flow could be hurt and we are beginning but it is too little up to this point. We just sent two Air Craft Carrier Battle Groups of the coast of Iran, so someone is listening to you.

Colonel David Hunt has over 29 years of military experience, including extensive operational experience in Special Operations, Counter Terrorism and Intelligence Operations. You can read his complete bio here.