Former Utah Jazz Player Amaechi to Release Book About Being Gay in the NBA

A former NBA player is set to throw down a monster dunk with a tell-all book in which he reveals he is gay.

John Amaechi — who had a brief stint with the Knicks during a five-year career that ended in 2004 — is the first member of the NBA to step out of the closet. His book, "Man in the Middle," will be released later this month by ESPN Books.

The book will contain allegations against some of the people he worked with in the NBA, including his former coach with the Utah Jazz, Jerry Sloan.

"Unbeknownst to me at the time, Sloan had used some anti-gay innuendo to describe me," Amaechi writes, according to The Times of London. "It was confirmed via e-mails from friends who worked in high-level front-office jobs with the Jazz."

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Amaechi, 36, of Nigerian and British heritage, now lives in his mother's native England, where he is a TV personality and philanthropist.

According to the Web site, speculation about Amaechi's sexuality had long been rampant.