Dancing in the Streets Sidewalks

Look both ways before you cross the street — and take off your headphones?

If Senator Carl Kruger (D-N.Y.) gets his way, it seems that will be a reality to those that walk through New York's major city streets.

Kruger has proposed a bill that would ban using an iPod, electronic devices, Blackberries and cell phones while crossing traffic, in response to the deaths of many mp3 slinging pedestrians. Those who go dancing in the streets would face a $100 fine.

"You want to walk in the park, enjoy it. You want to jog around a jogging path, all the more power to you, but you should be crossing streets and endangering yourself and the lives of others," Kruger told WCBS-TV. READ MORE

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"I don't think there needs to be a new law, but people do need to be held responsible for their own actions. There are already laws that can be enforced for those who act irresponsible; they just need to be enforced. If a person wants to walk across a busy intersection and not be able to hear or not pay attention, and they cause an accident, they should be held accountable. We don't need new laws, just personal responsibility! That is one thing this country is sorely lacking!" — Mark (South Carolina)

"Why not? Take a little freedom here, a little there. Its what big brother does best — watching out for you!" — Dave

"The idea of banning electronics as we walk around during our daily lives is simply ridiculous. Laws banning electronics like this violate our civil liberties and give the government too much power in controlling our lives. Talking on the phone and listening to music while we go around our daily business on foot should be left to an individual’s discretion and not the governments. This lawmaker should drop the issue or face losing support from voters" — Andrew

"How is law enforcement going to identify totally deaf people? Are they going to be required to stay at home and not walk? Maybe they will be required to wear a sign that they are totally deaf. What's the matter with people using their eyes to watch for oncoming traffic? It sounds like some of these liberal politicians have too much time on their hands and not enough smarts." — Jim

"I agree that it's dangerous to walk around with whatever blaring in your ear, but it's time for Big Brother to stop trying to legislate every facet of our lives. That would make just another law that couldn't/wouldn't be enforced. It's also time for each individual to take responsibility for his/her actions!" — Barbara (Lancaster, PA)

"Just another intrusion from buffoons in government who want to regulate all of our behavior. What ever happened to freedom?" — Ted (San Diego, CA)