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Correspondent: Phil Keating
Location: Orange County Jail, Florida

Video: Love Triangle
An astronaut accused of attempted murder returns to Houston. Find out why — Read more.
Correspondent: Dan Springer
Location: Ft. Lewis / Seattle, Washington

Video: Picking His Battles
An Army officer explains in court why he refused deployment to Iraq. Dan has details. • Read more
Correspondent: Greg Palkot
Location: London, England

Video: Mystery Bombings
A package explodes for third straight day in England, wounding a woman in a driver's licensing agency. Greg sorts out the evidence. • Read more
Correspondent: Catherine Herridge
Location: FNC — DC Bureau

Video: Cyber Scare
Hackers attacked at least 13 computers that help manage global Internet traffic. Catherine has details, in what is being called one of the most significant attacks against the Internet since 2002.
Read more
Correspondent: Jonathan Hunt
Location: FNC - LA Bureau

Check back later for the video!
Friends of Jim Gray, a renowned computer scientist who is still missing at sea, are using high-tech measures to locate him. Jonathan reports on their efforts. • Read more