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Correspondent: Phil Keating
Location: Miami, Florida

Video: Astro-Nut?
A woman dons a diaper and embarks on a 900-mile trek to kidnap another woman. Why? • Read more.
Correspondent: Alicia Acuna
Location: Denver, Colorado

Video: Cattle Calling
A Texan is on a mission to get hay to starving cattle in Colorado. Alicia has the scoop.
Correspondent: Greg Palkot
Location: London, England

Video: Bombing Mystery
For the second day in a row, a letter bomb explodes in the U.K. Who's behind it? Greg sorts out the evidence. • Read more
Correspondent: Kris Gutierrez
Location: El Paso, TX

Video: Border Battle
Mayors in Texas are opposed to a border fence in a big way. Kris gets their story.
Correspondent: Jeff Goldblatt
Location: Kenosha, Wisconsin

Video: Frigid Fishing
Bone-chilling temperatures make for great ice fishing. Jeff braves the cold!