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Correspondent: Malini Bawa
Location: Baghdad

Video: Security Crackdown
There's a major buildup of U.S. and Iraqi troops in an attempt to reassert control over the city. Malini has details.
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Correspondent: Mike Tobin
Location: Jerusalem

Video: Mideast Turmoil
Rival Palestinian leaders are meeting in Saudi Arabia to end the violence. Mike's on the scene. • Read more
Correspondent: Wendell Goler
Location: White House

Video: Bush Budget
The President is asking Congress for billions to finance the war effort. Wendell Goler has the verdict. • Read more
Correspondent: Greg Palkot
Location: London

Video: London Bombing
A package explodes at an office injuring one woman. Greg has the latest.
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Correspondent: Marianne Silber
Location: Deland, FL

Video: Picking Up The Pieces
The cleanup continues after the deadly Florida tornadoes. Marianne has details.
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