U.K. Earless Dog Gets Boost From Vets

A 10-month-old puppy may get help from U.K. vets after being abandoned in Wales for not having ears, the Daily Mail reports.

Weasel, a border terrier cross, was born with skin covering his ears, though it is believed he can hear and has working inner ears under the flaps of skin that cover the holes where his outer ears should be.

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Through surgery, veterinarians hope to make tiny openings to boost the dog’s hearing, though a final decision on operating has not been made.

“I have never seen anything like it before,” said Chris Laurence, director of the Dogs Trust center where Weasel was brought after initially being left at a police station.

“It could have been inherited from one of the parents, but the more likely possibility is that his mother was ill in the first third of the pregnancy -- when the puppy was not yet fully formed and vulnerable to illness.

"In every other respect Weasel is a perfectly healthy and normal puppy - exactly what you would hope for a dog of his age."

As Weasel awaits a decision on the operation, experts will teach him to understand facial expressions and sign language. He already understands basic signals.

Finding a home comes next.