Arizona Sen. John McCain says only Washington insiders believe his 2008 presidential campaign may be suffering because he supports President Bush's decision to send 21,500 more troops to Iraq.

"Well, I think there's that, maybe, perception inside the Beltway. But outside, a lot of Republicans are rallying to this belief that we need to have a strategy that can win, and realize the consequences of failure," McCain said Sunday.

"Many people trust my judgment because they've known me for many years," he said. "Look, it's of secondary importance, but I think we're doing just fine, and I think polls indicate that."

McCain pledged to respond to any negative attacks against him during the race.

"Obviously, I would do so, but I hope we would do so in an honorable fashion," he said. "We will run an honorable campaign. Most people believe that, and I do, too. I'm committed to it."

Voters swept Republicans from Capitol Hill control in November's elections, but McCain said the GOP is best aligned with the nation's core beliefs.

"We're still a right-of-center party. This nation is still a right-of-center nation. And I believe the Democrats are the left-of-center party. So, do we need to make significant adjustments, learn the lessons of the 2006 election? Absolutely."

McCain appeared on "This Week" on ABC.