Congressional Hispanic Caucus Controversy

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Tom Tancredo — the anti-illegal immigration activist congressman and long shot presidential candidate — suggested a few days ago that all race-based congressional caucuses should be closed down and abandoned.

In other words, Tancredo doesn't see any further need for the Congressional Black Caucus or the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. Now there's some indication Tancredo might be on to something.

Today Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez of southern California, a Democrat, quit the Congressional Hispanic Caucus because she says Chairman Joe Baca called her a "whore." This story broke on, the new political blog that is now breaking a lot of stories in Washington.

The story here is that a subdivision of the House of Representatives, like the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, is supposed to look out for the rights of minorities, and it turns out it is in fact trampling the rights of a minority, in this case women.

Congressman Baca denies the charge he called Sanchez a whore, but now another female member of the Caucus, Representative Hilda Solis, says she believes Sanchez is right about a "lack of respect shown to women by the chairman."

Now today Baca repeated his denials to FOX News, saying there's no problem in the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. But Sanchez says the females are not accorded proper respect, so they're out.

Now I'm not taking sides here between Sanchez and Baca, but I do think I have seen this sort of thing before when Democrats begin squabbling, and I think you're going to see more of it. Democrats have been out of power. Now they're in. Now they are no longer shredding Republicans and Bush to regain power. They are fighting with each other.

Good luck to both sides in this one. I'll be right here in the cheap seats watching the fun, and expecting to see more.

The Democrats are back in charge. The circus is back in town. Let the festivities begin.

That's My Word.

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