'Bilk' Combines Beer and Milk for the Tastiest New Drink Sensation

Now you can get your daily calcium requirement and your buzz all at once with the new beverage that combines two of the world's favorite liquids: milk and beer.

A Japanese brewery has succeeded in creating a combination drink known as "bilk" which was designed in part to help use up surplus milk, reported Mainichi Daily News.

"Bilk" reportedly has a fruity taste which manufacturers hope will be appealing to women.

The idea emerged when milk manufacturers had to throw out a lot of extra milk last year.

Since milk has a low boiling point, the brewery made sure to control the temperature during the process so the milk wouldn't boil over.

After they added beer yeast and hops and began the fermentation process, the beverage looked and smelled like tea with milk. However, when fermentation was finished and the drink cooled, it had the same color as beer.

The drink got approval from 30-year-old resident Kaori Takahashi, who took part in a taste test.

"It's got a fruity taste, so it will probably go well with sweets as well," she said.

Garfield, Eat Your Heart Out

Albert the super-fat cat needs a new home.

The chunky kitty weights in at a whopping 31.5 pounds, and goes by the name Albertus Magnus, Latin for "Fat Albert," reported Boston's News 7.

Albertus was abandoned by his owners, and now he needs a new home, and a new diet.

Shelter workers say the large and in charge feline is very sweet.

"They all love him here," said Kathy Pereira of Attleboro Animal Control. "It's just that we know he needs some help with his weight, so somebody that can really exercise him and get his weight down."

Albertus has been on a strict diet since arriving at the shelter, and they plan to keep it that way until the obese kitty drops those extra pounds.

He Feels Pretty, Oh So Pretty

ALGONQUIN, Ill. (AP) — A search is on for a thief who looks and smells marvelous.

Police say the man has skipped out on at least 20 day spas in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin since last March without paying for an array of services.

He says the man gets everything from manicures and pedicures to body scrubs and hair cuts, then leaves without paying his bill. All told, he's failed to pay for thousands of dollars worth of services.

A detective in Algonquin, Illinois, says the man doesn't threaten anybody and is well mannered. He usually tells the spa staff that he has to run to his car to get something from his briefcase or make a telephone call.

Then he doesn't return.

Jackpot Winners Get Their Just Desserts

ATLANTIC CITY, New Jersey (AP) — Here's what $1,000 in this casino city can buy you these days: Dessert.

And that is not even counting the tip.

Hyper-expensive desserts are the latest way increasingly upscale Atlantic City is separating winners from their money.

The four-figure offering at Brulee: The Dessert Experience, a dessert-only restaurant, is topped with gold dust and imported Italian hazelnuts and served with a vintage port wine in a $750 Baccarat crystal the customer keeps as a souvenir.

"Here's the idea," pastry chef Jemal Edwards told The Press of Atlantic City. "You have this beautiful atomizer filled with the finest port known to man. You take a bite of the brownie, and as the flavors are coating your palate, your partner squirts the port onto your tongue. The acidity and sweetness from the port are hitting your mouth at the same time."

The offering has not been a huge seller. In a year, Brulee has sold just three.

But that is not discouraging Red Square, a Russian-themed restaurant nearby, from offering a $1,000 chocolate cake with caviar and pricey vodka served in Russian Faberge eggs, starting on Valentine's Day.

Forget Hospitals, SUVs Will Do

SEATTLE (AP) — If you think rush-hour traffic is frustrating, imagine what it was like for three women who gave birth in their vehicles because they couldn't make it to the hospital along clogged Interstate 5.

Two little girls entered the world during the morning commute in as many days this week, and a boy was born along the north-south artery on Jan. 5.

"We simply attribute it to coincidence," State Patrol Trooper Jeffery L. Merrill said. "Who wants to have their baby in their car on the freeway?"

On Tuesday, Trooper Chad Williams was parked on an off-ramp in the city's south end when a Toyota 4Runner stopped and a frantic Magin Rodriguez leaped out, forming the shape of a pregnant belly with his hands and gesturing toward the passenger door.

Williams got to the sport utility vehicle just in time to greet the arrival of 7-pound, 7-ounce Alexa, whom he placed in the lap of her mother, Wendy Meza-Jimenez. He called for emergency medical aid and mother and daughter were reported in good condition that evening at a nearby hospital.

A day earlier, Liz Kirkman and her husband Brian got caught in a rush-hour slowdown while driving to a hospital east of the downtown area.

"Once I was in the moving car, I was like 'Uh-oh,"' Kirkman, 28, said Tuesday. "I started doing the math in my head and thought, 'I am cutting this real close.' Then I got this urge to push."

Finally she propped her leg up on the dashboard and delivered Juliet, her seventh child, as her husband drove in the car pool lane. He got off the freeway shortly afterward and drove a short distance to Northwest Hospital, where mother and baby stayed until Tuesday night.

That's also where Jenny Miller, 29, went with her baby Ian after he insisted on entering the world while she and her husband headed for the hospital on Jan. 5.

All troopers are trained to deliver babies, Merrill said.

"It's part of our basic curriculum at the academy," he said. "You secretly hope you don't have to use it in the field."

Compiled by FOXNews.com's Hannah Sentenac.

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