$1,000 Desserts Not Part of Atlantic City All-You-Can-Eat Buffets

Here's what $1,000 in this casino city can buy you these days: Dessert.

And that is not even counting the tip.

Hyper-expensive desserts are the latest way increasingly upscale Atlantic City is separating winners from their money.

The four-figure offering at Brulee: The Dessert Experience, a dessert-only restaurant, is topped with gold dust and imported Italian hazelnuts and served with a vintage port wine in a $750 Baccarat crystal the customer keeps as a souvenir.

"Here's the idea," pastry chef Jemal Edwards told The Press of Atlantic City. "You have this beautiful atomizer filled with the finest port known to man. You take a bite of the brownie, and as the flavors are coating your palate, your partner squirts the port onto your tongue. The acidity and sweetness from the port are hitting your mouth at the same time."

The offering has not been a huge seller. In a year, Brulee has sold just three.

But that is not discouraging Red Square, a Russian-themed restaurant nearby, from offering a $1,000 chocolate cake with caviar and pricey vodka served in Russian Faberge eggs, starting on Valentine's Day.