Your Grrrs: Feb. 1, 2007

Here are some of your responses to Mike's last column.

Nancy C. writes: Congrats to you, Mike! It's great to hear of a dream that has come true and, best of all, for you. I, for one, will be purchasing your book. I am a weekly GRRRR reader! They make my day! Thanks, and all the best to you and your family.

Angela writes: Mike, normally, I agree with almost everything you write. But are you kidding
me?!?!?! You feel sorry for Paris Hilton and hope she's the winner in court? Regardless of what reality Paris lives in, she has to pay her bills just like every other person. You don't pay your bills, you get hit with the consequences. Hopefully she'll learn this time, but more likely, she'll
probably just giggle and say "That's hot..." Bleh!

Christy writes: Hi Mike. I usually agree with most of your columns, but come on! Feeling sorry for Paris Hilton?!?!? Ok, you did say you almost feel sorry for Paris Hilton, but that's still too much. Anyone who uses a storage unit signs a contract. I have used storage units before and to answer your question, yes, I knew that if I failed to pay my bill, the owner could sell my stuff. Not only does the written agreement spell it out, but the person behind the desk tells you too.

By signing the contract, Paris Hilton was made well aware of what could happen if she didn't pay her bill. If she's not smart enough to read the agreement or listen to the person speaking to her, then she deserves to lose her stuff. If she can afford to buy herself the several hundred dollar purses and bags to carry her dog around in, all the designer clothes that she wears just once and all the luxury cars that she can't drive, then she should definitely be able to afford the monthly rental fee for her storage unit. I do not feel sorry for her at all. If she's so concerned with her stuff being sold by the storage unit owner, she should have paid her bill or kept her personal belongings in one of her many homes. And, yes, anyone who would pay $39.99 to take a peek at her stuff is a moron who deserves to lose their money if they spend it on something so stupid. We would all be better off if Paris Hilton would disappear. I'm even a little embarrassed that I'm responding to your Grrr about her. I have now lost a few brain cells just by mentioning her name.

Scott D. writes: Mike, you've gone so far with this Grrr stuff, it's now time to Grrr you. "You feel sorry for Paris because many normal folks may have storage garages and forget to pay the rent?" Give me a break.

So, you're 20-something, you have so much "stuff" (remember George Carlin), and so much money, and so many bills, you can't find a place for all of your stuff and money and bills. And by the way, storage units simply don't confiscate your stuff when the clock hits midnight when your rent expires. They send out notices, many notices. So she can't find time to make a $300 payment to U-Store-It. And Mikey feels sorry for her. Give me a capital G, give me an R, give me several more rrrrr's. Sorry for the sad e-mail. I merely got angry for wasting my time reading your column this morning. Better luck next time.

Kate S. writes: I have been executrix of a couple of wills, and let me assure you that a lot of the stuff you have squirreled away in boxes you have long ago forgotten about will be a source of mirth and merriment (not to mention shock and awe) to your executors some day. Just give it a
thought the next time you are wading through that pile of stuff in your basement, attic or storage bay. Or wondering what the heck is in all those boxes you haven't opened since you left University or married your third wife.

Kevin F. writes: Who cares what was in Paris Hilton's storage unit? You do apparently. You even included a picture of her in your article in case we forgot what she looks like. Then while you Grrr us for being celebrity obsessed, you make sure to mention Britney's name as well. Yes, there is a lesson -- pay your bills. If you rent storage space and don't pay for it, the owner can and will sell the contents. However, you seem to suggest that this rule should not apply to Ms Hilton because she is famous. That is the real problem.

Mariel writes: I love your column and have been a faithful reader for several years now. You ask and wonder why and how America is so obsessed with people such as Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and believe me there are many others. I'll tell you how and why. Because men like them. You see, men don't care how intelligent or talented a female is as long as they are providing them with a good look at their little bodies all the time. My husband doesn't like Britney Spears at all, however, he found the Web site with the pictures that every man wants to see, and believe me, he checked them all out. As long as there are men in the world, there will be talentless (and even some with talent) young ladies willing to show them what they want to see. If there wasn't such a demand (by men) for this type of behavior, then these young ladies wouldn't act this way. You see, you are one of these men and I have even seen you drooling all over your column about some "pop tart" that you would probably cheat on your wife with if given the opportunity. You give the impression anyway. I'm not a man-hater, just an observant female who wonders why men are so obsessed with young ladies and nudity. Is there anything more to life than sex for men? Sure seems like that's all they think about anymore. And as long as
sex sells, men (not America) will be obsessed with anything or anyone that offers it to them. So there's the answer to your question about how America is so obsessed with these people. They're peddling a commodity that American men want.

MBG writes: Nope, Mike. I still do not feel sorry for Paris Hilton. Pay your bills you silly woman and this stuff won't happen to you! Don't videotape your sexual adventures and you won't find them on the Internet. Don't complain about your lack of privacy when you seem hell-bent to get your name in every published rag in the world. Yeesh! But yes, Mike wouldn't it be great if she decided to take a loooooooonnnnnnnnng sabbatical. Find a quiet island with no photographers
allowed ... and take Britney, Lindsay, her sister, the Olsen twins, the Simpson sisters, and make up with Nicole and take her too. They can drink, whine, smoke, dance with a stripper pole, not wear underwear, have their sex videotaped and not eat to their hearts content.

Jessie writes: When I first discovered your column I was pleased to agree with almost everything you said. You raised valid points about civility and the lack thereof. Now the column and the responses from your readers seems like a big whine-fest with far too much celebrity gossip thrown in just for the sake of it. Not even cheap enough to make it interesting once in a while. Maybe you should only do a Grrr once a month, perhaps you ran out of rude people or situations.

I wrote you once asking for a Paris Hilton-free year (while she was celibate) but I guess
it didn't get to you or you didn't care. I suspect you are becoming one of the last few people to care about her. I think she might have overstayed her welcome. It's people or columnists like you who are contributing to her celebrity. If people like you would stop writing about her, maybe she would go about her life, whatever it is, without bothering us anymore.

James writes: Congratulations Mike. I hope that your book is a success. Keep living the dream.

Janet B. writes: Mike, congratulations on your new book! Nothing wrong with dreaming. I think that is what keeps us going! (I remember Stupid Lil Dreamer from my college days. That was a bad joke he played on you!) Good luck on your book!

BJ writes: Hey, I realize that some of you are surprised about Mike's "bad day Grrr-ing." Lighten up! Grrr-ing, even when something is your fault, help people get past the said Grrr. That is part of what the Grrr column is all about. Long live the Grrr column!

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