What We Should Be Asking About Iran

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Washington, D.C., is all abuzz about Iran: Is Bush about to attack Iran? Dems are afraid he is, while Bush himself and the Republicans are saying no way. Well, sort of no way.

What everybody should be talking about is another question: Is Iran attacking us? It appears to be happening every day in Iraq. We now have new proof — as if we needed more — that Iranians are providing the guns and the bombs to attack Americans in Iraq.

And now we seem to be pretty certain that the five Americans kidnapped and executed last weekend in a brazen raid inside an American compound was an attack carried out by Iranian agents retaliating for the week before when we arrested five Iranian agents in an Iraqi city. Plus the whole Iran nuke deal.

So, sure people should be wondering if we're going to attack Iran. It looks like the president has already said we're going to attack Iran anywhere we find Iran inside Iraq. The question now: Are we going to attack Iran inside Iran?

Seems to me that watching these things unfold has provided us with certain lessons. Even a weakened President Bush does not respond well to attacks on us.

Iranians might be asking if America is going to attack. I think they could take their answer from the question: Is Iran attacking America? If it is then I think we can all figure out the answer.

That's My Word.

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