Up, Up and Away!

Good Day Everyone!

Welcome to Wednesday, where a new political poll shows interesting results regarding the 2008 presidential election. According to Rasmussen, Rudy Giuliani would win the presidency if it were a popularity contest with 49 percent of the vote, and Hillary Clinton would get 43 percent. The same company says Senator Clinton has gained ground on Senator Barack Obama in the last week; going from 31 to 33 percent approval; Obama dropping from 24 to 19 percent.

We also talked to Kate Hanni who is pushing for an Airline Passenger Bill of Rights. Hanni was stranded on an airplane with her husband and 2 kids for 10 hours on December 29th with overflowing toilets, little food and no water. The bill proposes a max of 3 hours waiting on an airplane before some action is taken, etc. You can find out more at www.strandedpassengers.blogspot.com.

Also, more "American Idol" promised for tomorrow! Today, kicked-off contestant Margaret Fowler entertained Steve and Brian on the show! I'll bet you we'll be hearing more from Margaret sometime soon!

Have a great day!


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