Humane Society Hoping Sex Sells With New Ad Campaign

Cats and dogs getting down and dirty may not be a subject you want to think about, but the Humane Society of Kentucky wants to make sure you take notice of the sex lives of your pets.

The Humane Society is about to launch a risque' new campaign designed to inspire people to bring their furry friends to a new "snip clinic" to have the animals spayed or neutered.

The animal rescue organization is out to show people that the birds and the bees apply to the cats and the dogs, too, reported Kentucky's Wave 3.

One of the new ads shows a picture of a cat and reads, "Safe Sex? That Just Means She's Been Declawed," while another depicts a bulldog and says, "Because I Simply Refuse to Wear a Condom."

"Sex scenes on network TV any given day or commercials on condoms and birth control ... we thought it was totally appropriate to talk about 'safe sex' so to speak, when it comes to animals," Krista Roberts with the Humane Society told Wave 3.

After seeing the ad, veterinarian Tara Garvey had this reaction: "Oh my goodness, wow! A little bold, a little bold. I don't know."

The Humane Society is hoping the campaign will get people's attention and cut down on Kentucky's pet overpopulation problem.

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What Will the Aliens Think?

Students who etched a masterpiece of male genitalia into their school lawn with weed killer are now universally famous ... since their prank can be seen from space.

After the two unnamed boys burnt the phallic photo into the grass two years ago, the image has been visible in satellite photos from Microsoft Virtual Earth, reported Sky News.

Staff reseeded the area, but the pictures were taken before the new grass could grow in, so anyone who logs on to the site can catch a glimpse of the boys' handiwork.

A spokeswoman for the Bellemoor School for Boys in Southampton, Hampshire, where the incident took place said "It was just one of those high-school jinks."

Doesn't Anyone Work Over There?

PARIS (AP) — The French already enjoy a 35-hour work week and generous vacation. Now the health minister wants to look into whether workers should be allowed to sleep on the job.

France launched plans this week to spend $9 million this year to improve public awareness about sleeping troubles. About one in three French people suffer from them, the ministry says.

Fifty-six percent of French complain that a poor night's sleep has affected their job performance, according to the ministry.

"Why not a nap at work? It can't be a taboo subject," Health Minister Xavier Bertrand said Monday. He called for further studies and said he would promote on-the-job naps if they prove useful.

France's state-run health insurance provider will send letters explaining the importance of good sleep. The Health Ministry's Web site offers tips on how best to get a good night's rest.

The ministry's online "Passport to Sleep" recommends cutting down on coffee, tea, colas, and athletic activity after 8 p.m., shunning TV time or working late in the evening, and listening better to the body's own sleep signals, such as yawning.

Bertrand said sleepiness causes 20 percent to 30 percent of highway accidents across France each year.

Skating on Thin Ice...

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (AP) — A Clinton man was charged with drunken driving after officials say he drove his vehicle onto the ice-covered Mississippi River near Sabula.

Steven A. Parker, 51, is accused of driving his sports utility vehicle off a boat ramp to do "doughnuts" on Sunday when the ice broke and his vehicle sank in 4 feet of water, about 30 feet from shore, said officials with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

Parker and his son, Steven A. Parker, Jr., 28, of Waynesville, N.C., made it safely back to land.

Parker is charged with third-offense drunken driving and driving with a revoked license.

My Tooth Hurts, Time to Collect Disability!

STOCKHOLM, Sweden (AP) — A Swedish salesman who chipped a tooth on a cookie while visiting a customer is entitled to compensation for his dental work after a court ruled the incident was a work-related injury.

The Swedish Supreme Administrative Court ruled in favor of Calle Montell's claim for state compensation, saying the injury was work-related because it occurred while he was practicing his job.

"I'm very happy," Montell, 50, said Wednesday. "Everyone who is out on a job can have a snack knowing that they are covered by occupational safety laws."

The Jan. 18 ruling ended a legal battle that begun on Oct. 31, 2002, when Montell bit into a cookie offered by a customer, and cracked his tooth on a cherry seed.

The local social insurance office denied him state compensation for the $570 it cost to repair the damage, rejecting his claim that the injury was work-related. Two courts dealt with the case before the Supreme Administrative Court issued its ruling, which cannot be appealed.

Montell, who sells ceramic stoves, said he contacted the social insurance office Wednesday but had not yet received the money.

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