Va Va Voom Vista

Just like the Nintendo Wii and Playstation 3 buying frenzy, adults across the nation camped out like their video game hungry kids, and waited in stores until the wee hours to buy the new Windows operating system.

At midnight, Microsoft's new Vista system went on sale — the first Windows update in over five years. It features a new 3-D graphical user interface and document icons that give at-a-glance previews.

Microsoft chairman Bill Gates said the Vista system has morphed the once souped-up typewriter, to a networked entertainment center, personal media library and gateway to the Internet. READ MORE

With Microsoft's major advertising campaign, FNC wants to know — do you think Vista will live up to the hype? E-mail us and jump into the discussion!

Here's What FOX Fans are saying:

“Who cares? After putting up with Windows and its required multi-layered and ever-changing security programs, I'm getting an iMac at the end of the month. Hasta La Vista, baby!” — Phil (Rensselaer, NY)

“Any operating system Microsoft ever produced has been a sad excuse for software. Years of service packs, patches and "re-engineering" have produced nothing and Vista will be no different. It's a shame manufacturers are bullied into producing software to run on their operating systems or that users need a degree and certification to work with it. Everyone should aggressively find alternative operating systems to fulfill their computing needs and leave Microsoft to the wolves.” — Michael (Oregon, WI)

“Vista will NOT live up to it's hype. You can get the look of Vista on XP with just a few available tweaks. The other additions are totally unnecessary and intrusive. It is a memory hog. Anyone who has a good working machine now will NOT switch. A switch will only become necessary when someone has to buy a new computer and they all will be coming with Vista.” — Judi (Arlington, VA)

“You are asking the wrong question. It should be, 'Will Windows Vista live up to Mac OS X?'” — James (Frankfort, MI)

“I have absolutely no interest in or need for Vista. XP SP2 has all the features and security I need. I don't want to 'upgrade' to an operating system that takes control away from me, imposing more restrictions and complexity on top of requiring hardware upgrades. Furthermore, I have non-certified hardware and software in my computer now that works fine under XP, and there is just too much risk in the upgrade. The desktop search, icon-preview, and Aero interface features are gee-whiz useless features for me. I want an operating system that just works without burdening requirements. And, the effects of draconian DRM oversight for stuff I've bought and have fair-use rights to, turns me off completely. Vista is just way too heavy-handed a cash cow for Microsoft. Only when I'm forced to upgrade by MS discontinuing support for XP will I think about upgrading, and I might just move to a different operating system that's sleeker and less complex/bloated.” — Helge

“I think like all products that first hit the market — welcome to bugssville. I bought both Windows ME as well as XP the day they were released and none of them performed flawlessly; they were all a headache in a box. I bought a new computer for Christmas so I have a free copy coming, but I think I will wait for service pack one to come out before I install it.” — Andrew (Marinette, WI)

“If you want a more secure, reliable, and faster performing computer, instead of wasting time and money on Vista, buy a Mac. Mac OSX does everything Vista does and more ... it does it faster, more securely, and certainly with less downtime. If a Mac costs $200 more than a PC, ask yourself how much your time is worth, then multiply that by the number of hours you have spent cursing your PC and troubleshooting insane programming errors, then compare that to the $200 difference. Apple has always designed a superior computer. It is too bad that businesses bought into the cheaper Microsoft solution in order to save money on the short term at the expense of their long term profit margins. I use both PCs and Macs, so I am not a one-sided Mac zealot. ” — Rip (Tampa, FL)

“Considering that XP was much more stable than 98SE, I would suspect that amid 5 years of updates to correct problems with Vista, it will be the operating system of choice for millions of PC users. It's either that (the populist choice), Linux (the command-line geek's Nirvana) or Apple (with fewer programs and virtually “bootless.”) We might as well be choosing between a Democrat or a Republican with a Green Party and/or Libertarian trailing by 95% in '08. Oh, we will be! So, I guess, choosing an operating system with 75% of the country clueless on how it works but admiring its beauty and attractiveness despite its lack of substance and usefulness will be the course it will follow: an operating system trying to do everything for everybody with every possible driver and option available which is 97% percent useless to 97% of the population, so bloated to cover all bases ... I lost my train of thought ... were we discussing an operating system or government?” — Lenny (New Orleans, LA)