Official: Siberian Girl Paid Teens $570 to Kill Parents

A 15-year-old girl in Siberia allegedly paid three other teenagers $570 to kill her mother, with whom she was quarreling, a prosecutor's official said Tuesday.

Investigators in Barnaul, 1,850 miles east of Moscow, opened a criminal investigation after the girl's father found his wife dead in their apartment on Wednesday with multiple stab wounds and her throat slit, regional prosecutor's spokesman Valery Ziyastinov said.

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He said the girl, angry at her parents for scolding her for skipping school, allegedly hired the three teenage boys to kill both her parents for 15,000 rubles, or $570. But her father did not return home at the same time as her mother last Wednesday, and so the three teenagers allegedly stabbed and killed the woman, then fled.

Police later arrested the girl and two of the boys, and charges of premeditated murder will be filed against them on Thursday, Ziyastinov said.

As minors, the three could get up to 10 years in prison if convicted. The third boy was cooperating with prosecutors and would face lesser charges, he said.