K-Fed Drops By

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Hey, we met K-Fed!! Kevin Federline, the former husband of Britney Spears, came by today and I have to say he was quite composed and well-behaved. He seems to understand that he has been the punch line on the late night shows and is having fun with it. It seems if he has talent as a rapper or actor he'll get a shot, which surprises me. He was so reviled for his day with Spears that you would have thought he was going the way of Cher's ex-boyfriend, Rob the bagel guy.

As for the show, we covered a wide range of topics, from Tony Snow's reprimand of Senator Hillary Clinton to the death of Barbaro, the champion horse. Kiran kicked off this Tuesday without Tiki again and, no, we do not know if he's coming back. In fact, much to our surprise he has not even called us since his Giants lost to the Eagles. I guess he's busy fielding offers and having fun, and he deserves the break.

Oh yeah, we also did speed dating for the ultra-rich today and the owner could not have brought more of a swagger to the segment. The criteria for women, well, be hot. For a guy 25 and under: make 200k, over 40: make over 500k or have a trust fund that makes you wealthy. What do you think? I am not single and have not been for so long I just can't see this being necessary or effective, but his response has been overwhelming from both sexes.

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