Griffs Notes 1/30/07

Remember that scene in Forrest Gump at the protest rally?

That’s what I felt like at Saturday’s Anti-War march/rally on the National Mall, only Jenny wasn’t crying out for me. And the folks that were there some three and a half decades ago in the glory days have grown long in the tooth.

No doubt the highlight was: Jane Fonda’s return to the national stage after a 34-year absence. And I had just one question for her: Did she want America to prevail in Iraq?

Here’s what she said:

Yeah, and I’ll tell what I think that means – what America has always represented to the world and what it needs to represent is building for peace, rebuilding, bring people what they long for… like food and electricity and hospitals and education. That’s how we will prevail in Iraq.

Not a bad answer, really. Although I enjoyed most her initial response to my intrepid push through the crowd to get to her – she said, “Ahhh – it’s a surge!”

I asked that same question to everyone I spoke with including Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, Jesse Jackson and Dennis Kucinich. And the overall consensus was: they want the troops out now and they are emboldened by the new Democratic Congress.

There were about 50,000 to 100,000 by my observation. The event organizers for Unity for Peace quoted 400,000 as attending. Some of my favorite and more colorful demonstrators were the “Raging Grannies” and a young kid who single-handedly represented the group “Potheads Against Escalation.”

Democracy in Action!

But then there was this – a 25-year-old war veteran named Joshua Sparling (who was on Hannity and Colmes with me last night) claimed he was spit at by militant protesters. Our FOX satellite truck was vandalized, the front windshield smashed. And a group of anarchists pushed the Capitol Police line and spray painted the West Capitol steps.

For a “peace” march, this kind of behavior was not exactly what I would call “extolling the virtues of Dr. Marin Luther King, Jr or Mohatma Ghandi.”

It’s a sad commentary on the great tradition of civil disobedience and free speech. And what’s even sadder is that some Republicans are pressing an issue out of the graffiti incident for political purposes against Speaker Pelosi.

"It is ironic that some people opposed to U.S. troops in Iraq abused their First Amendment rights and broke U.S. law by defacing the Capitol this weekend… I call on Speaker Pelosi to launch an investigation to ensure the U.S. Capitol will be protected and to send a strong message that violent protests will not be tolerated," said Congressman Roscoe Bartlett, R-MD.

Get over it Roscoe, she’s in charge now and it wasn’t her fault. And the Democrat war cry for withdrawal is getting louder.

Maybe it’s time to bring back “flower power” and tie dyes to chill these people OUT?

Peace, man!

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