Do Democrats Want to See Dick Cheney as Next President?

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A new Newsweek poll shows that 86 percent of Democrats want Dick Cheney to be president. That woke you up, didn't it?

Well, that is a fair inference from the Newsweek poll that shows 58 percent of all Americans and a near-unanimous 86 percent of Democrats want Bush's presidency to be over now.

Now I know pollsters ask questions like, "Do you want Bush's presidency to end now?" and people answer without thinking through the ramifications of their answers. But everybody has to know that if Bush were to resign right now — as evidently 58 percent of Americans want him to do — then Dick Cheney would be president for the next two years, almost exactly.

So would it be fair to say that Americans prefer Dick Cheney to be president over George Bush? Boy that would be news, wouldn't it?

It does raise the question: How fast after Richard B. Cheney were sworn in as president of the United States could the Democrats impeach him? They could get him impeached in the House before lunch any day of the week, I realize, but I don't think they have the 60 votes in the Senate, even after you count Chuck Hagel on the Dems' side, which you would, of course.

So President Cheney would be in charge because people hate George Bush so much. Can you imagine the Nancy Pelosi news conferences? Can you picture Joe Biden swooning? Personally, I could not wait to see Tim Russert turn purple every Sunday morning.

But that's just me, drifting off in a daydream again, imagining something that isn't going to happen even if most Americans seem to want it and seemingly all Democrats would choose it if they had the chance.

President Cheney. Wow. Just imagine.

That's My Word.

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