Masked Men Drive Car Through Copenhagen Department Store, Keep Going

Would-be thieves raced a car through the ground floor of a Copenhagen department store but left empty-handed after failing to ram it into the jewelry section, police said Monday.

The incident happened late Sunday, when the fashionable Illum department store was closed and there was no one inside the downtown building.

Witnesses told police a small car with two masked men crashed through Illum's main entrance before speeding through the ground floor and driving out through an exit at the opposite side of the building.

The suspects twice tried to ram the car through a sliding security grille in an apparent attempt to break into a luxury goods section selling jewelry and expensive watches, police said.

"They failed to get in and nothing appears to be missing," police investigator Henrik Svindt said.

Police found the damaged car a few kilometers from the scene, but the suspects were still at large Monday.