L.A. Times Questions Severity of 9/11

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Leave it to the L.A. Times...

This weekend the paper ran a column by an eminent historian that asks the question: "Was 9/11 really that bad?" That is a question designed to produce a simple answer: No, it really wasn't that bad.

What the Russians endured in the siege of Stalingrad was worse. What the civilians of Hiroshima endured was worse. And the question is also designed to lead the reader to conclude: We Americans have overreacted badly, and we really need to get a grip on ourselves.

What the eminent historian left out of the essay that followed that provocative title was that 9/11 was the worst attack on the U.S. mainland — not just in this century or the last one, but ever. So the biggest attack gets the biggest reaction, and the writer and the L.A. Times think that is wrong and Americans should wake up to the twin facts that they suffered a pinprick on 9/11 and they retaliated with a sledgehammer.

This essay also betrays the attitude of the left, which is: America has inflicted worse than it has suffered countless times over, and even though we have been victimized it is a mere technicality. In fact, the left believes America is the problem, not Muslim extremists bent on inflicting terror on Americans in their cities and in their homes.

Only 3,000 people died. A couple of buildings collapsed. Your nasty old Pentagon had a hole in it a while. That's the left's revisionist take on 9/11, along with the notion that anybody who suggested it bring on war was delusional.

America might have been wrong to react the way we did, but only because our political figures are not strong enough to resist the drip, drip, drip of the left's complaints. Eventually they will be able to erode support for the war, we will have to leave early, and it will be called a defeat.

The left likes that, because if America loses the war, it might not venture into another one for a couple decades. That's the way the left likes things.

That's My Word.

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