Pop Tarts: 'Minder' Escorts Lindsay Lohan to Grocery Store

Poor Lindsay Lohan had to be accompanied by minders Wednesday on a trip to the grocery store near her rehab facility, the Wonderland Center in California.

But the party girl didn’t try any crazy escapes — she just wanted some Thomas' English Muffins and bags of chips.

The 20-year-old starlet returns this week to life as a stripper on the set of "I Know Who Killed Me," according to E! News.

But Lohan has been banned from boogying at Sundance by her docs. She'll be allowed out to work during the day, but will be back at rehab when the sun goes down.

Tara Reid Has Too Much Talent. Honestly.

Just a week ago, it was revealed that "American Pie" actress Tara Reid has signed to star in and executive produce (whaaat?) a romantic comedy entitled "Honestly."

But there is no question Reid’s talents extend beyond the professional world, as the top-notch party girl knows very well how to get hot and heavy in public.

She joined hip-hop artist Akon on stage at the Budweiser Blender bash on Monday night at the Sundance Film Festival, and soon enough she was simulating sex with the singer and one of his entourage.

“She looked like she was enjoying herself and all the attention,” one partygoer commented.

See the photos here

Good news is that the starlet for once isn’t only in Park City, Utah, to party and get free food. She is actually in an indie film titled "If I’d Known I Was a Genius."

But, as I said, Reid is just too talented and she knows it:

“I want to back to acting and entertaining,” she told MTV from Sundance. “People loved the films I did.”

You, Me & Dating (Again): Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson Back On

Golden girl Kate Hudson has revived her romantic relationship with Owen Wilson, according to the New York Daily News.

“Owen backed out [of Christmas and New Year] because he didn't want to deal with the whole situation with her family," said a friend close to the couple.

According to the source, Wilson was deterred by estranged hubby Chris Robinson and the baby hanging around, and also Kate’s mom, Goldie Hawn, and Kurt Russell, who don't approve of the relationship.

The extended family also took off to Aspen for the holidays, but neither Kate nor Owen joined the pack.

Now with the festive season past, the two are back together. Awwww.

Hudson is soaking up some Aussie sun while filming “Fool's Gold" with Matthew McConaughey, while Wilson’s rep says the funny man is in India, a source Down Under has said that Hudson has been quick to boot the paparazzi and requested a five-day period of no photographs. Her people even threatened police action if they didn’t leave her alone.

Well, young love needs a little privacy. She wouldn’t want to lose the guy in another 10 days, would she?

Would You Pay for Paris?

If you haven't already seen enough of Paris Hilton, by now you've heard that you can catch a glimpse of the socialite smoking pot and slipping into a bubble bath and obtain the digits of her celebrity pals at the new Web site ParisExposed.com — for $39.97 a month.

(Quick tip: if you thought you’d sign up just to get celebrity cell phone numbers, think again — unless you like hearing "the number you have dialed no longer exists.")

But would you bother to spend $40 when you can simply Google "Hilton" and download pics of her behaving badly for free?

Here’s what some of you thought:

“Yeah, probably. Paris is hot. I’d pay to see her doin’ her thing. At least I know it would be real and she wasn’t paid to perform.”

Adam Cheng, 23, New York

“No way. The girl is disgusting. I wish she’d just crawl into a hole where she belongs. It’s not about the money, I wouldn’t waste my time.”

Joel Smith, 31, New Jersey

“Ha ha. I’m going to have a look right now. Could be funny for a few laughs, I don’t know. Probably wouldn’t want to pay for it, though.”

Alli Lane, 25, Miami

“I don’t care. Does anyone care? You lost me as soon as you said Paris.”

Vincent Ross, 27, Australia

“She’s an embarrassment to the female population. Everything she does makes me think we’ve stepped back 60 years in the development of women’s reputations.”

Monique Libertini, 40, New York

“How do we know she didn’t set the site up herself and that this isn’t another publicity stunt to waltz back into the spotlight?"

Carrie Edderton, 21, California

Ouch. Seems as though Paris is not so hot at the moment.

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