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Coat Classics: Feeling Cute in the Cold Weather

Cumbersome coats make feeling frumpy almost inevitable in the winter weather. However, feeling sexy and chic under all those layers isn’t impossible! In fact, a cool coat can be a fabulous fashion statement when the weather gets cold and you want to look hot. And don’t forget, there are tons of sales in shops and on Websites after the holidays. So, check out my favorite steals and deals in winter coats.

Winter White

Wearing white after Labor Day? Absolutely! There’s nothing more beautiful than a long white coat in the wintertime. Wear it sparingly — white doesn’t wear well! And if it snows, leave it home. It’s neither fashionable nor safe to go unnoticed in the weary weather.

Bombs Away

Make an impact with this season’s bomber jacket. The rugged style is great over slim silhouettes, like a skinny slack and pair of boots. The short style will accentuate your waist, so feel free to pair with a high waist pant; it’s also not meant to be bulky, so wear it on warmer days and leave the layers home. To really rebel, wear it to an evening soire over a cocktail dress.

Belt It

In the winter, the more we bundle, the bulkier we look — slim and sexy is the last thing we’re feeling! Try a belted coat to bring back some curves and a bright color to avoid feeling dull. Also, look for sculptured shoulders or silhouettes to further emphasis your feminine physique.

Faux Fur

Models were draped in fur up and down the runways this season, but some feel funny wearing the controversial fabric. So try faux! It’s sure to keep you feeling just as warm and looking just as glamorous. If you’re weary, wear it sparingly — start with a faux fur collar or faux shearling lining and trim.

Party in a Poncho

You know when it’s too cold for a sweater and too warm for a coat? Well then it’s perfect for a poncho! The bad news, it’s all or nothing with this chic style. You can’t quite comfortably fit a poncho under a coat; it tends to bunch up around your neck or in the arm holes. But if the weather’s warmer, toss one over your head and you’re ready to go.