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Question 1: According to researchers in England, January 22 is the unhappiest day of 2007, known as "Blue Monday." What is one of the reasons cited for this ill feeling?

A. It's the day before President Bush's State of the Union Address
B. It's the day after your favorite team failed to lock in a trip to the Super Bowl
C. It's the day many realize they won't live up to their New Year's resolutions
D. It's the day after President Hugo Chavez told U.S. officials to "Go to hell, gringos!"

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Question 2: Celebrity branding has never been hotter — or more bizarre. Donald Trump just launched Trump Super Premium Vodka. Rocker Jon Bon Jovi is the co-founder of the Rock Star Baby line of baby gear. And actor Jackie Chan recently launched an organic skin care line. What did KISS rocker Gene Simmons start peddling?

A. A new perfume
B. A line of sexy women's shoes
C. A line of Kiddie couture
D. Dessert body cosmetics

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Question 3: Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, announced that she is taking an initial step in a bid for the presidency in 2008 by filing papers to form an exploratory committee. The former First Lady made her announcement on her Web site, which said what?

A. "If Bill can do it, so can I."
B. "I'm in, and I'm in to win."
C. "Barack Obama, you're going down."
D. "Let's get 'er done. "

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Question 4: On Tuesday, the musical "Dreamgirls" led Academy Awards contenders with eight nominations, but surprisingly was shut out for best picture. Which of the following is also NOT a potential frontrunner for best picture nomination?

A. "Babel"
B. "Borat Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan"
C. "The Departed"
D. "Little Miss Sunshine"

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Question 5: On Monday, Al Qaeda's second-in-command, Ayman al-Zawahiri, taunted President Bush over his new Iraq policy, and ridiculed the U.S.'s decision to send more troops to the region. How did al-Zawahiri present his message?

A. In a video, which was to be posted on
B. On the steps of the Library of Congress
C. In an interrupted, televised broadcast during an episode of "24"
D. In a video, which was to be posted on Islamic militant Web sites

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Question 6: On Wednesday, after making a plea for his Iraq plan during the State of the Union address, President Bush took his message on the road to emphasize several energy initiatives. Since Bush announced his plan to send more than 21,000 troops to Baghdad, what has happened to his job approval ratings?

A. Increased
B. Decreased**
C. Remained the same

**An ABC News reported that its latest poll has Bush's support at 33 percent, the lowest number for a president at the time of a State of the Union address since Richard Nixon in 1974.

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Question 7: On Wednesday, the mayor of a town in what state proposed a city ordinance that would make using the racially derogatory N-word a crime equal to disturbing the peace and punishable by a fine of up to $500?

A. Texas
B. New York
C. Arizona
D. California

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Question 8: On Tuesday, as part of an expansion of plans to expand safeguards for users, what did the popular online social network MySpace say it would do?

A. Make it mandatory for every individual to attend meetings on Internet safety
B. Charge each individual $10 which will be donated to help find missing children
C. Shut down the site completely
D. Send out Amber Alerts

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Question 9: Iran may have entered into an agreement with North Korea in an attempt to tap into the renegade state's nuclear weapons capability. A European defense official said scientists were invited to study the results of North Korea’s underground test, from October, to aid Tehran’s own preparations. What action was taken against North Korea for their test?

A. The U.N. Security Council weighed severe sanctions to punish the nation, including their own nuclear test their soil
B. A second Committee for Non-Violent Action was established to resist the nation's program of nuclear weapons testing
C. North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il was removed from his post
D. No action was taken

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Question 10: The story of runaway bride Jennifer Wilbanks captivated TV viewers when it was in the news almost two years ago. Now it will entertain theater audiences as a musical — or, to be exact, a "rock opera," The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. Which state is Wilbanks from?

A. Kansas
B. Georgia
C. Hawaii
D. New Mexico

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BONUS: Name the FOX News Channel show that Mike Jerrick and Juliet Huddy previously hosted together — before the premiere of "The Morning Show" on Jan. 22.

Bonus Answer: DaySide

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