Director of Kevin Bacon Film, 10, Sues Over Creative Control

A 10-year-old boy who directed a short film starring Kevin Bacon sued a woman who helped finance the movie, saying she unfairly demanded creative control and distribution rights.

Dominic Scott Kay, a child actor who was the voice of Wilbur the pig in "Charlotte's Web," claims in a lawsuit filed on his behalf Thursday that he came up with the story for the short film "Saving Angelo."

The movie is based on Kay's real-life effort to nurse an abandoned, badly injured dog back to health.

The lawsuit filed in Superior Court alleges that Conroy Kanter, who sunk about $11,000 into the project, demanded creative control, including the right to decide where the film can be shown.

She "has threatened to sue Kay (a 10-year-old!) if he finishes editing the film ... without her consent," the lawsuit says.

Kanter's lawyer contends she gave the money as a charitable contribution and that the lawsuit stems from a dispute between Kanter and Kay's mother over who should benefit from the film.

"Unfortunately a child had to be dragged into this," attorney Michael Stoller said.

The lawsuit seeks a jury trial and a court declaration that Kanter has no right to creative control, or the distribution or promotion of the movie.