I Want My Phone Ad-Free

And Now, A Word From Your Cell Phone

Darn it! Someone stole my idea for advertising on produce--bananas in particular. Think about how perfect that idea is. People from all walks of life eat bananas and oranges. And everyone notices those little stickers on fruit. I would daydream of the day people would be peeling Spencer Hughes off of their mangoes.

One place I would like to be free of advertising is on my cell phone. I already have a love-hate relationship with my Razr. I hate it. But I can't live without it. Then I love it. Especially when I have it set to my "Eye of the Tiger" ring tone or I can look at a hazy image of my kids. I use it for talking, texting, the obligatory time checks, and of course a game of Zuma every now and again just to get my blood pressure through the stratosphere.

But I don't want to flip my phone open and be advertised to. But we may not be able to make that choice for much longer.

The major cell phone carriers have announced that by next year, cell phone advertising will be much more common. They have already rolled out test ads on mobile phone screens. Companies are promising to provide content at free or reduced prices. Cell phone bills might even come down, which would be nice. Our family plan is well over $200 right now and I would love to save a few bucks if I could.

But could my blood pressure stand the crappy commercials and pathetic PSAs? Would I really be willing to sit through a 15, 30, or 60 second advertisement in order to save a few bucks every month? Talking on a cell phone can be stressful enough. Not sure my heart and patience could take it.

And do you really believe cell phone bills will go down and the providers will just start giving us wireless content for cheap or free? Look at movie theaters. Even before the trailers, advertisements for everything from cars to soda are dumped on our laps. Several minutes worth. Shouldn't the price of movie tickets be going down with all those paid ads? Last time I checked, prices are going up. Sports arenas and stadiums are advertising whores. It's still virtually unaffordable for an average American family to go see a game.

So for now, I will opt out of cell phone ads. It is the one unchartered island where I can shelter myself from a sea of advertisements. Except for the coconuts falling from the palm trees. They DO have ads on them. Hey! That was my idea!