Panel: Dentist's License Should Be Suspended After Girl Died From His Sedation

A Chicago dentist who sedated a 5-year-old patient who died should lose his license for six months and his ability to sedate patients indefinitely, according to a state panel, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Dr. Hicham K. Riba also would not be able to prescribe drugs like Valium for at least five years, the Illinois Board of Dentistry said.

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Diamond Brownridge, a kindergartner student, died from a lack of oxygen to her brain after being put under anesthesia by Riba, a medical examiner's office ruled after her Sept. 27, 2006, death. Diamond was on life support for four days after she went to Little Angel Dental to have several teeth filled and others capped.

Riba received death threats after the girl's death and moved his family out of his home.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.