Get Golden!

Say goodbye to pale, dry winter skin! You can have that fresh, sun-kissed glow from summer all year long with a little help from creamy tinted moisturizers and golden self-tanners.

Hint of Tint:

If you’re looking to get a quick & easy touch of color, try a lightweight tinted moisturizer. It will it help hydrate dry, winter-worn skin, and even out your skin tone. And remember, in the winter your skin is still exposed to harmful and damaging rays from the sun! Be sure to check the label on your tinted moisturizer as many protect against UVA & UVB rays.

Not sure how to go golden? Make-up artist & lifestyle beauty expert Jessica Liebeskind has 4 rules for a flawless look.

1) For optimal coverage, use a stick foundation in conjunction with a tinted moisturizer - but only use where needed (around the nasal area, a touch on the chin, and to hide blemishes)!

2) Tinted moisturizer should match your skin tone exactly, in the same way a foundation should.

3) First you need to apply a moisturizer (yes…you need two moisturizers!) A tinted moisturizer alone won’t provide enough hydration. Then apply a nickel size amount of tinted moisturizer into the palm of your hand and use your fingertips for the best application. A foundation brush works great too. Sponges are best for blending, but usually absorb too much product and are not ideal for application.

4) Start on the nose, moving into the cheeks, forehead and then chin.

Self-Tanning Secrets:

If you want a longer lasting glow, try a self-tanner for your face. Jessica has simple skin-care tips for a streak-free look.

1) Be sure to cleanse, exfoliate, and apply a lightweight moisturizer to your face and neck before using a self tanner.

2) Don’t forget to self-tan into the hairline, blending into the neck and chest as well as the ears for a smooth, even finish.

3) Always remember to use the correct color foundation, concealer, and powder, no matter how warm you want to make your skin. Using the shade you "want to be" and not the shade you are is one of the most un-natural ways of creating a warm glow in the winter.

4) Use a bronzer that has lots of brown and pink and avoid orange-y tones for a fresh, natural, sunny look.

5) Don’t forget to wash your hands thoroughly after applying the tanner

6) Always patch test the self-tanner in a non-obvious place like the inner arm, or inner thigh, for product irritation as well as for color

Fake it Favorites!

Not sure what product will work for you? Check out our list below compiled from real women who shared their favorite ways to "fake it".

Stephanie from Cleveland likes to splurge on Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. "Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer is great because it blends in easily to your skin with out looking cake-y like foundation. It is a great way to get a natural look without using foundation and it’s very moisturizing. Plus, they have a variety of natural shades to match all skin types. Pairing it with their Base Primer helps keeps it lasting for hours.

For a streak free self-tanner; Julie from New Jersey loves Bobbi Brown Sunless Gel for Face & Body. "It’s great because it’s gives you a warm golden color that doesn’t look orange. It goes on easily, is oil free and can be used on your face and body - and doesn’t have a bad odor like many of the self-tanners out there."

Elizabeth from Atlanta likes Benefit You Rebel SPF 15 Tinted Moisturizer. "It’s oil free and feels light. Plus, they only make it in one shade, which looks good on just about anyone!"

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