A Florida Man's Wacky Behavior and a Grandma Gets Arrested

Immigration Crackdown

U.S. immigration officers arrested 761 illegal immigrants in what is being called one of the biggest immigration sweeps in history. The weeklong raids resulting in these arrests were part of Operation Return to Sender.

This operation specifically targets illegal immigrants who skip their deportation hearings and criminals who have re-entered the U.S. after already being deported. Operation Return to Sender has resulted in over 13,000 illegal immigrant arrests nationwide since June. Out of the 761 recent arrests, U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement say 450 of these individuals have already been deported.

Bizarre Behavior

Illegal drugs may have been responsible for the bizarre behavior of one Florida resident. Ft. Lauderdale Police say 41-year-old Frank John racked up quite the laundry list of offenses on Tuesday. After running a red light, John drove his car straight into a bicyclist. Then he got into a physical fight with a witness to the accident, after the witness tried to break up an argument between John and the bicyclist. Next, John attempted to steal the witness’s vehicle, but was unsuccessful in his efforts. He then climbed a tree to delay his inevitable arrest.

Ft. Lauderdale Police were forced to use their Tasers to remove him from his perch. John is now in police custody. The witness was hospitalized for bite wounds and the bicyclist did not suffer serious injuries, unfortunately the same cannot be said for his bike.

Fake Kidnapping

Three Scottsdale, Arizona high school students and a grandma ended up behind bars on Wednesday, after videotaping a skit for their criminology class. 17-year-old David Seay and two of his classmates were trying to do their homework, when the neighbors called 911. Seay was waving around an air pistol and had “forced” one of his classmates into the trunk of a car. The students were filming a simulated kidnapping scene for a school project, but neighbors mistook it for the real deal. When police arrived and assessed the situation, all three students were arrested for disorderly conduct. Even Seay’s 75-year-old grandmother, who was kind enough to operate the video camera, was arrested for taking part in the incident. David Mietzer, the teacher responsible for assigning the class project, is on paid administrative leave while an investigation takes place.

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