Embargoed Speeches Take the Fun out of Big Political Events

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Last night, before the President delivered his State of the Union address, everyone in the media had already received an embargoed copy of the President's speech. We all read it but, because it was embargoed, had to stay mum about it. We could not tell you what the President was about to say. When the President then delivered the address, many in the media read along with the President. It always feels a bit school-ish to me... following along to see if he ad-libs or not.

But, he is not the only one who gives us advance copies. We had copies of embargoed responses from Congressman Dingell, Governor Bill Richardson, Governor Mitt Romney, Senator Obama, Senator Kerry, Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid, Senator Edwards, Senator DeMint etc. They likewise had the embargoed President's speech and then they hurried and issued a response. This all happens long before you even hear the speech. Both political parties do this and this has been the practice for years.

For me this takes a bit of the excitement out of it... robs the political event of the fun of spontaneity. Of course I don't have to read the embargoed speeches and responses but I can't help myself. I am curious. After I read all the embargoed speeches and statements the event then can seem a bit staged to me — but it sure makes our jobs easier....

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