Troop Shout Outs!

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"We have the best and smartest military force in our history. My wife and I support the troops as well as their mission in Iraq, Afghanistan and everywhere the war on terrorism is being fought. Thank you for your service and please be careful and come home safe. We love you all."— Bill (Lakewood, CO)

"Merry Christmas to all of the young Soldiers, Marines, Airmen and Sailors serving our country in foreign lands! You are in the minds and hearts of my family and the rest of this country! I wish I could do more to thank you all ... so I'll continue to do what I can, and that's to pray for your safety and let you know that in spite of what most of the Main Stream Media wants you to believe ... we all support you and your brothers (and sisters) in arms and thank you for the sacrifices you have chosen to make for your country!" — Pat (Salisbury, MD)

"I want to wish all of our military personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan a very pleasant and joyful Christmas and much success in the New Year ahead. I would like to wish you all could be home very soon, but the job must be finished over there. Those of us here at home pray that you will be able to take care of what needs to be done and come safely back home at that point.
Thank you for your service to your country and for helping those of us here at home. I did my time during World War II when I fought against the Japanese in the South Pacific in order to keep them from invading our West Coast shores. I protected American then and I thank you for protecting America today. God bless you and keep you safe and all of us free."— Jerry (Hampton, NH)

"Merry Christmas and a safe and healthy New Year to all of our troops serving in Iraq and also to those serving anywhere in our country, or around the world, who won't be home for Christmas. My son was in Iraq for Christmas in 2004, and I know what it's like to have a loved one putting his/her life on the line to protect our freedom, while we celebrate the holidays at home with the rest of our family and friends. All servicemen and women and their families are in my prayers every day. Happy Holidays to all of you — I'm so proud to be living in a country protected by such brave men and women."— Pat (Mount Bethel, PA)

"May all of our troops overseas have as good a Christmas that's possible. I know how you feel. May you all be safe and come home with completed missions no matter where you may be. God bless you and your families— you are appreciated more than you will know."— Bob (Wilmington, DE)

"Merry Christmas dear troops! Thank you for your faithfulness and perseverance for your country. Thank you for the privilege of being able to Christmas shop freely for my family and friends. I am here free in America because of your willingness and serving hearts. I pray for your protection and good health to come back to us soon. Help us to keep in sight the 'finished task.' God bless you all!"— Geoff and Nancy

"You are my heroes! Thank you for everything that you are doing for the security of our country. May you have a safe and Merry Christmas and I thank all of your families for their sacrifices as well. God Bless you and God Bless America! "— Marsha

"Merry Christmas to our men and women in service to their country. May the joy of Christmas bring them comfort and peace. We appreciate all of them."— Dorothy (Madison, IN)

"Merry Christmas to all our troops whether serving overseas or on American soil. Thank you for the sacrifices that you and your families make each day to help our country stay free and others realize freedom. Where would this country be without heroes like you that step up to the call of duty everyday? We are proud of you. Our prayers and thoughts are with you always. Stay safe and God Bless. "— Kathy (South Carolina)

“As a wife of an Air Force crew chief, I'd like to say that I'm very proud of our service members. I would love for them to be home with their families and not have to fight. I hope and pray that they stay safe so they can come home and be with their loved ones. You are heroes, even if you don't try to be. Take care and may God watch over you and bring you safely home.”— Margaret, USAF Wife

“I just wanted to thank the troops for the outstanding job that they are doing and for the freedom that I and everyone else in this nation enjoys. I want to thank them for the dedication to Duty, Honor,and Patriotism that they show us by their actions. I want to thank them for their sacrifice and let them know that has not gone unnoticed. I thank them for the fact that they take action and stand in the gap for those of us that are too young or too old to fight for themselves. THANK YOU, I am in your debt until the last breath leaves my body.”— Stanley (Maryville TN)

”I would like this message to go our troops letting them know how proud and they have our totally support. God Bless them all, Merry Christmas, and may they all come home safe.”— Robert

” I want to wish a Merry Christmas to all of our military in harms way and a happy New Year. Stay safe and God Bless.”— Anonymous

“God Bless each and every one of you magnificent men and women out there keeping our world sane! We love you and send you all the hugs and prayers you can handle, with blue skies and butterflies!”— Dick & Frankie (Rio Grande Valley, TX)

”You are not forgotten with the mess in Iraq. God Bless you as you serve your country overseas. May you come home soon.” — Don (Hobbs, New Mexico)

“I love you very much Nick! I am counting down the days until you are in my arms again. I miss you tons! Take Care! You mean everything to me and I am truly blessed to have you in my life!” — Joann

“To the Troopers of the 4th Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division – Merry Christmas! You are in our thoughts and prayers, always! We thank you for your sacrifices and determination! We miss you and pray for your safety as you protect our most precious asset as Americans, Freedom!”— From the Families of the Long Knife Brigade (El Paso, TX)

“For Private Marc A. Blair, We love you so much and are so proud of you! We miss you and know that Christmas is not going to be the same without you this year! You'll be in our hearts, so keep us in yours ... Sonya says, ‘I love you, Daddy and its okay that you can't be home for Christmas. Go get the bad guys!’ Love you and Merry Christmas! —Sonya, Mom, Jennifer, Nicole, Amanda, John, George, Eric and all the kiddies!

“B. K. Fultz — may you and your brothers save a safe holiday and free from loss. You are all that I am not, and you especially fill my heart pride. I truly believe that your generation, will be the next, ‘greatest generation’ — Les ( Valley Station , KY)

“As a mom who has a son serving in Mosul, Iraq, I want to wish all our troops a very Merry Christmas. We are proud of all our service personnel and of the job they are doing. We appreciate their willingness to serve and the sacrifices they make to protect us.” — Billie (Midland, Texas)

“Merry Christmas to all of our troops. I hope they come home to their families very soon. Myself, my husband and my two-year-old son pray for our troops and their loved ones each and every night. I want them to know that they are thought about.” — Shannon (Prince Frederick, MD)

“You are not forgotten with the mess in Iraq. God bless you as you serve your country overseas. May you come home soon.” — Don (Hobbs, NM)

“I would like to extend my prayers and appreciation to ALL our troops in Iraq! I hope and pray they will ALL be home safely and very soon! Many here in the U.S. no longer support the war, but we ALL support our troops in Iraq and everywhere all over the world!” — Cathy (Cleveland, OH)

"Merry Christmas greetings to all of our troops. We certainly support our soldiers and appreciate the sacrifice that they and their families are making on our behalf. We pray for them every day, as well as for our government, in the decisions that they make to make us safer.” — Marian (Greenville, SC)

"Sgt. Seamus Ryan: I miss you and there is not a moment that passes when you do not cross my mind. I can't wait until the day when I am within your reach! Hurry home to open up all of your birthday, anniversary and Christmas presents! You will be in my every thought and prayer this holiday season. Stay safe and hurry home, you are the best in the whole entire world - Merry Christmas and I love you!” — Bridget (Auburn, AL)