Troop Shout Outs!

We're reading Shout Outs to YOUR soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines weekends on FOX News Live with Jamie Colby, 2 p.m. ET

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"I just wanted to say thank you for defending our country and our freedom. I hope of all of you stay safe and come home soon. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all." — Michele (Baltimore, MD)

"God bless all of you! You guys and gals are the reason we can have a Christmas! You all make us all very proud. History will show that our all-volunteer military is the best this world has ever seen! We are very fortunate to have the best of the best in our armed forces!" — Robert (Texas)

"I just want to shout out to all our military men and woman who are in Iraq serving our country. I am very proud of all of you. I pray for all of you daily. I know Christmas will be tough for all of you being so very far from home, but remember you are loved and appreciated. Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year." — Tammy (Hephzibah, GA)

"God bless all you who have given of yourselves to keep our country free and help those who aren't free. I pray for you daily and will continue to do so until you are home safe and sound with the mission accomplished. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you, as joyful as it can be during this time of separation from family and friends." — Shirley

"To Our Soldiers: We want to tell you how very proud we are of you! Everywhere that I go I hear pride in the voices of the average persons whenever you are mentioned. You are the very essence of America and the reason we still exist. May God bless you and keep you safe. We pray for you everyday." — Mr. & Mrs. A. LaMotte (Ocala, FL)

"Thanks FOX, for giving me the opportunity to say hello to my brother Bill (SSG WILLIAM WARE) with the MITT Team. Happy Holidays, and God speed to you all!" — Ben

"Happy Thanksgiving everybody, in every area of the military. You are doing a great job in serving your country, I want you to know that I am proud of you all. You are very special people, and we care about you. Words cannot always explain what we are feeling. Just keep up the great work,
we have not forgotten you. Again I want to say thanks from all of us here in the state of Georgia!Love Y'all!"

"Want to wish James C., Texas National Guard serving in Iraq, a Happy Thanksgiving. We are very proud of him and love him very much. Cant wait to see him soon for his wedding." — Mom and Richard

"Thanks for the opportunity to tell our son, Freddie B., Happy Thanksgiving and to remember he is loved, missed, and prayed for continually. Please send this message with our love. Thank you, Jamie, for conveying this message. You have a wonderful Thanksgiving as well." — Mr. and Mrs. Bulzan, mother and father and son, Yoni.

"Courtland, We are so proud of you, and we love you so much! We're all anxiously waiting for your return home! We miss you, and we are praying for your safety, and for the safety of all our troops overseas. Have a blessed Thanksgiving, Corporal!" — Love, Mom, Dad, Gran, Cody, Geneva and all the Baytown and of course, your loving dog, Trixy Lynn

"The Depies family and relatives want to say Hi and Happy Thanksgiving to: Sgt. Nicholas Depies 121 3rd Platoon National Guard - Wisconsin in Southern Iraq. He is very much loved and missed and we pray for him and all of our troops!" — Love, Aunt Heather

"John H. Someplace in Iraq....Happy thanksgiving to you and your fellow troops John....Keep the Faith... All's quiet on Cranberry pond.....We miss you." — Love, Mom and Al

"To our troops, your have my prayers and support, Happy Thanksgiving. You guys are doing a great job and we appreciate you." — Love and prayers, Phyllis Kaye

"To our son-in-law, Jakob Kurtz, stationed on an airbase in Iraq: We are so thankful for you today, Jake, and the sacrifice you are making for your country! While we miss you very much, we too join you in thanking God for such a great country. We honor you today, as well Jake! Take care, God bless you and keep you safe till we see you again soon. Can't wait for you to see your new little daughter!" — Love, Rich and Linda

"Hi Brad! Mom Dad and your sisters, Ashleigh and Brittini send out our love and prayers to you. We are a grateful family within a grateful nation giving thanks to our son and brother, and all those who serve at his side. The debt we owe you all is great beyond words!" — Brad

Jamie, I’d love to reverse the trend a send a message to friends and family at home from Baghdad, if possible. “Ken Reuwer sends his greetings from Baghdad and sincere thanks for all the incredible support he and his unit receive from their families and friends in Maryland and elsewhere, and all the great colleagues at NCIS! We are all well and thankful for the prayers, love and support which allow us to stay focused on our mission. We all look forward to our safe return. God bless, we could not do it without you all. Happy Thanksgiving!”