Troop Shout Outs!

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“From an old Vietnam Air Cav. Cobra pilot, to all Army Aviators and troops everywhere — God bless you and keep you safe. We are behind you 100 percent and honor your service to your country every day. Despite a Christmas truce in 1972, we were scheduled to fly recon missions as usual on Christmas Day. Much to our surprise, when we arrived in our recon area, the entire area was covered with a thick white layer of ground fog. The enemy couldn’t see us and we couldn’t see them. Nor had any of us ever seen a fog like that before. The enemy would have to wait for another day, we returned to base without a shot being fire. We got our white Christmas, and God had his peace on earth. Miracles DO happen! Be safe and come home to us soon!” — J. T. (Jim), Former U.S. Army Chief Warrant Officer

“Hi. You don't know me, but I just wanted to say thanks for what you and your buddies are doing for all of us. The holiday season can be kind of tough for people far away from those they love, but please know that we really, really appreciate what you give for us. Thanks again! May God bless you and your families.” — Jason

“My brother was a helicopter pilot in Vietnam who did his job well. When he came home, he worked hard just like his uncles and our father did in WWII. All went on to raise great families and we all have great respect for today's military men and women. We all wish these heroes the very best, now and in the future. Thank you!” — Bob (Point Pleasant, NJ)

“My brother, Lt. John Wolven, is in Iraq. 'I love you John, miss you and are praying for you and your guys. God bless you and Merry Christmas! You are my hero!'” — Nancy

“Thanks for the great word, please tell those fine men and women that we love them. We are eternally grateful for their sacrifices. May God bless them and their families. We have more flags flying in our yard than grass on the lawn. Don’t listen to those who would trash talk the work of freedom. You are our saviors and defenders. So be it, until victory is America’s and there is no enemy, but peace. We pray you daily and every week in our church service. We can’t wait until work is done and they can all come home.” — Mike, Sharie, Maxwell (7) and Jackson (4)

“My wish is for every single GI to make it back alive and in one piece. I can’t help but be a little bitter over the way current GIs are treated, similar to the way we were treated, when we came home. I don’t hold it against our soldiers but I sure as hell hold it against the political left. Please pass my deepest respect to any of our brave soldiers you meet. God bless and Happy Christmas and Merry New Year.” — James

“God bless you and keep you safe. This is an old soldier that has a place in his heart for the troops. Y’all are the best. Merry Xmas to the men and women of the United States Armed Forces.” — SSGT J.W., ret. (Pontotoc, MS)

“To all who unselfishly serve! Thanks to you all for preserving our freedoms, not just here but around the world! I know that you all hear a lot of things, mostly bad from stateside, which I'll never understand, but you're making it possible for even those who descent, to have a voice! One day, I hope they would wake up and fully understand that in a world ran by those you are fighting, those same rights would not be possible! Thank you for your willingness to serve, especially during this time of year, when we all like to be near family! Please know how much all of your sacrifice means to us. I am humbled by your service, fellow American! I served this country in my youth and never saw any combat, so to that end I can't relate, but can certainly relate to the missing of friends and family! Please know that you're thought of and prayed for daily! You all make this person, proud to be an American!!” — Greg (Rockford, MI)

“Just a quick ‘Merry Christmas’ to all of the fine men and women serving our country. We are very proud of you and what you are doing for the oppressed and less fortunate people of these two countries. Bringing freedom always has a price, just as it did in our own struggle to be a free nation. As a nation, we are humbled by your unbelievable sacrifice. May the good Lord hold you in the palm of his hand, walk with you and give you peace. We pray for all of you and can’t wait to see you all home again. You are an inspiration to us and pray for your safety and speedy trip back home to the most wonderful country in the world. Without you guys, we would be nothing.” — Kevin (Lancaster, PA)

“There is not a day that goes by that my family is not grateful for the sacrifices our troops are making for our safety. God Bless them all and bring them home safely! ” — Michele (Washington)

“Please tell the troops that I so appreciate them and all they do ‘over there.’ They are the best of the best of us. My heart swells with pride for them, and I wish them ALL a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! They will be the ones to make it, a Great New Year, for all of us, over here. Merry Christmas!” — Marie (Kansas City, Missouri)

”All of you, those stationed in the US and those deployed around the globe and especially those in harms way. You are to be respected and congratulated. You all serve by choice. By making that choice, you define and are living duty honor country. Thank you.” — Ron (Salem, CT)

“I want to thank all of our fine men and women in the armed services for allowing us to celebrate the upcoming holiday season and protecting our way of life. Most importantly, I would like to give my family's holiday best wishes to my cousin Sgt. Matthew Young, serving his second tour in Iraq. We love you Matt and can't wait for you to get home.” — Mike and Michelle (Van Buren Township, Michigan)

“Thank you for your selflessness to serve our country to protect our way of life. Freedom is the right of every human being and your service in the Middle East is helping to implement this philosophy to an area of the world that has voted for this change. You are making history and I am and will always appreciate your service. God bless you and your families, Merry Christmas happy holidays and have a safe new year.” — Donna (New York, NY)

“We appreciate all you do. We send our love and prayers today and always. We support your hard work on the war on terror. We love you and appreciate your sacrifice of not being home with your families for Christmas. We want you to know you’re worth more than words can say! Merry Christmas and come home soon. Stay safe, and God bless you all.” — The Vincent Family (Maurice, LA)

“Just wanted to stop and say thank you. I am a married man, have a beautiful wife and have four great kids. I’ve reached the age of 40 now, and everyday when I get up and get going in the morning, I think of our servicemen and women. When I wake my kids, right before, I take a moment to stare at them. They are perfect, and for a split second I am 8— years — old and my dad is waking me. I had not a care in the world, just like them. I look at them and thank God for them. I also thank God for our servicemen and women. To know that there are people that have no idea who I or my family are, willing to protect us and our way of life is amazing. I thank each of you for this. You mean more to us than you will ever know. Always remember we are with you wherever you go.” — The Beaudette family

“Thank all of you who serve in the United States military for defending the way of life that my family and I enjoy. We appreciate the fact that many of you are away from home, family, and friends, not only during this Holiday Season, but the rest of the time that your country needs you, as well. We thank you for your commitment to serve. May God continue to bless and to protect you and this great nation in which we live. Please stay safe and return soon. All of you are continually in our thoughts and in our prayers.” — The Rupert Family (Tupelo, MS)

“If you could, would you please pass along my appreciation and deep respect for ALL of our armed forces. I would like them all to know how much I respect and appreciate their sacrifices, and for them to know during the holidays (and all year long) that we are thinking of them and their families. I pray for their fast and safe return to their loved ones. To those lost and their families — please know you will never be forgotten, you gave it all for us at home, and for that words can never say enough. From the bottom of my heart I thank ALL the men and women who lay it on the line every day and every night so that we may remain free and safe from evil. So, from an ordinary citizen, keep up the good work. A crisp salute and god speed to all of you.” — Joe

“"A very Merry Merry Christmas to all you young guys and gals serving in our military, out there in harm's way! You folks are number one in our book, back here on the home front. Regardless of what you see or hear in the slanted, mainstream media, all of you have and deserve our blessings and thanks, for your service and dedication. We, both the ordinary rank and file Americans, and us old ex- military warhorses salute you and fully support you for the sacrifices you make each day! The U.S. Marine Corps has a saying that is almost a universal statement of how we all feel: Semper Fi — ‘Always Faithful!’ Those of us, back her in the world, who care will always be faithful to you, our fighting men and women!” — Ken (Santa Maria, CA)

“To our troops, You are the best of the best! We're so proud of you and our prayers are with you everyday.” — Diane (Baltimore, MD)

“Thank you, boys and girls for your dedication to this country and for freedom. Freedom is not free, and you're proving that every day. May Jesus guide, direct, and bless you as he has when he first came to earth in the little manger so long ago, to set us free from our sins. We love you, and you are in our prayers.” — Dr. Peter

“To each and everyone of you ... around the world and here at home ... May God bless you and your families, not just at this time of year but always. No words of thanks are adequate ... for what you are doing for all of us. At our Christmas dinner, we will be remembering just who is making our celebrations safer! You will all be remembered as we sit down and say grace! Whether you are Christian or of another religion, or perhaps no religion ... for my family and I, Christmas is a time of showing our appreciation to all who make our lives better ... thus, thank you all, each and everyone of you ... For all that you have done, for all you are doing and for the sacrifices you all have made for my family!” — Caron (Boston, MA)

“I want to thank all of our troops, wherever they are stationed, for their great sacrifices and great jobs they are doing defending our freedom and way of life. There are none better in the world! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you and May God bless you and keep you safe!” — Martha (Central Bridge, NY)

“God bless our Military, wherever they are serving, and God bless their supporting families. Their volunteerism is saving another invasion of terrorists on our land.” — Dee (Newark, OH)

“You guys are the best. Thanking you every day for what you do. We are all behind you and your mission 100 percent, regardless of how politicians screw things up. You guys and girls are the real deal. God bless you all and your families. Wishing you all safe missions and Godspeed on your return home. ” — Sean (Babylon, NY)