Troop Shout Outs!

We're reading Shout Outs to YOUR soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines weekends on FOX News Live with Jamie Colby, 2 p.m. ET

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"To all of the patriotic people in the uniform of the United States of America, especially the USMC: I wish each of you a Merry Christmas and a happy and safe new year! You all make me intensely proud to be an American. Keep your heads down and your eyes peeled!" — Craig

"May G-d Bless you and yours and keep you safe always! You are all such awesome men and women for serving your country. We pray for you all everyday. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a Happy and Healthy New Year to all!" — Darla (Oklahoma)

"To all the American military in Iraq and around the world: Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and may there be Peace On Earth. God bless the men and women of the American military. Know full well, we appreciate who you are and what you do. Pay no attention to the mindless fools the media reports about; you have America's full support. Again, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year." — Phil & Nancy (Quincy, IL)

"Just wanted to wish all you Soldiers, Sailors and Marines a Merry Christmas. We love you, pray for you and appreciate all you do for us everyday!" — the Kennedy and Coltrane Families

"A retired Master Sergeant of Marines sends a motivated 'OOH RAH!' to all the Devil Dogs in Iraq, and Afghanistan and around the world. We pray for you every day and ask God to protect you and give our leaders wisdom." — Msgt. J.W. Bumgarner USMC ret.

"Greetings from the great state of Michigan. We pray for you almost everyday for your safety from the enemy and to complete the task of defeating those who want to come to America and take over The Land of the Free and Home to the Brave. We love you and wish we could do more to comfort you and the people of Afganistan and Iraq who just want to be free. Stand Strong as we are your Prayer Warriors!" — Kurt and Renee (Grand Rapids, MI)

"As grandparents of someone in Iraq, we want to wish all of the military men and women a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year. Take care and may God watch over all of you and keep you safe. We love you and God speed."— Nancy and Wayne (New Port Richey, FL)

"Our military makes me proud to be an American. We stand behind you and support your efforts. God bless all of you! Stay safe."— Carolyn and John (Trinity, NC)

"Bless our troops so far from home. Keep them safe and warm."— Gayle (Ocala, FL)

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! Stay safe, come home as soon as possible. Merry Christmas."— Lynne (Hanceville, AL)

"God Bless each man and woman that is serving in our military. Whether here in the USA, or in another country, we thank each of you that serve to protect our freedom we have here in America. Merry Christmas to you and your families."— Frank and Theresa (Whitmire, SC)

"May we all take time to give thanks to our Military men and women who are keeping us safe here in the USA. I pray that God will keep everyone of you save and out of harms way. I appreciate you and your families sacrifice to keep this nation safe."— Connie

"Wishing you a safe and happy Christmas. May God be with each and every one of you and return you safely to your loved ones."— T.H (Winter, WI)

"What an honor it is, to know of your sacrifice in time, in service, in commitment, and with your very lives, as you go the distance to keep our beloved USA and so many others around the world safe and free! We are deeply appreciative of all that you are doing daily and nightly for US! I pray each of you enjoy a blessed Christmas — one that will remind you of how precious you are to so many, many back home! With love and prayers! "— SW (Midland, TX)

"God bless each and every one of you, and our sincerest wishes for a Merry Christmas, no matter where you are. Remember that America is behind you, no matter what you hear in the media. We know that you are doing the right and just thing, and that the Lord will keep you in the palm of his hand. We all pray for you daily, and you are not forgotten. God bless you all."— Christine (Shippensburg, PA)

"Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Kwanzaa and Happy New Year to all the troops serving overseas, may you come home soon, God bless all of you always."— Dana (Wayne, New Jersey)

"I want to wish all of our military a great holiday season, for those in the states, over seas or wherever they may be. I know many won't have the opportunities to be home with their loved ones, but I just want them all to know that there are many here who support everything that they do. I wish them all the best and I hope they get to come home soon. My fiancé is a U.S. Marine in Iraq, so I just want him to know that we all miss him."— Jessica (Houston, TX)

"FOX News, Jamie Colby, and especially Lt. Col. North, THANK YOU for taking the initiative to give credit to our troops overseas! It has been very discouraging to only see the worst things every day and night on the news. I love and I know others do too — having the opportunity to see what our brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, etc. have accomplished and continue to accomplish daily. You are making a difference in their morale and our success in this war."— Kai

"I have not forgotten you service to this country, THANK YOU! As a veteran, I understand what's it's like to be in country during the Christmas season and want to send you a THANK YOU for your commitment to protect our freedom. May God keep you safe and let you feel his presence during this time of the year. As he gave his son that we may be free, some others have given their sons. Again thanks!"—David

"I want to thank the American troops this Christmas season for practicing what Christ taught. That is, there is no greater gift when a man lays his life down for another. Our troops are giving the Iraqi people, as well as Americans, a gift of self-sacrifice. Thank you! "— Suzanne

"I owe you a debt I cannot repay, and I say this because you are fighting for my freedom and way of life. I salute every Solder, Airman, Marine, and Naval person that is in the fight and has fought. People talk about sports stars, actors and politicians like they're heroes, but in my opinion, they cannot hold a candle to you. Furthermore, they aren't worthy to tie the laces of your combat boots. All I can say from my little corner of the world is thank you from a grateful American citizen. In the words of AC/DC, 'for those about to fight, we salute you.' I want to say to all our veterans, thank you for keeping the peace. We need more people like you in the world. All you people rock."— Erica

"Thank you for the sacrifice you are making on our behalf. May your Christmas be as merry as possible. Go with God and come home soon."— Mildred (Lake City, FL)

"May God continue to bless and guide you this new year! Coming from a military family, I appreciate so very much the sacrifice you must make to help the people of Iraq. There is nothing on earth like the United States military. With all the love from deep inside my heart, a very Merry Christmas to all! GO USA! "— Wendy

"God bless you this Christmas season and all year long. In spite of what you hear from the mainstream media, many Americans are proud of you and thank you for your service and sacrifice for our country. Stay safe, strong and positive! "— Darlene

"We have not forgotten you that serving our country. Have a blessed Christmas. Many of us are praying for you. Thank you for all you are doing and come home soon, and stay safe! "— Rita ( Port Edwards, WI)