State of the Union Predictions

Tonight, President Bush will be making his State of the Union address, which is expected to focus on his domestic agenda, offer proposals on alternative forms of energy, immigration reform and health care.

Press Secretary Tony Snow informed reporters that the president will also spend a "significant amount of time" speaking about the troop surge, Iraq and the global war on terror. In an interview on Monday, Bush said that he wants to convey to Americans that "what happens in Iraq matters to your security here at home." READ MORE

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Here's what FOX Fans are saying:

“Health care, health care, health care. This is not a debatable issue anymore. However, I'm not confident at all that he will initiate anything that will truly help ordinary people. He has never had any interest in ordinary people and can't see that changing now. Two more years and hopefully this national nightmare will be over.” — Patrick

“I wish the president would verbalize:
1.A plan on how the immigrants are going to earn a way to live in the United States
2. A plan that gives all citizens hope of the war in Iraq and that the results will ensure our freedom
3. How health insurance will be affordable for all by erasing fraud from medical personnel, insurance companies and lawyers.” — Opal

“I would like to hear the president speak about how he and the new Congress are going to find new ways on how to save on fuel and gas.” — Katherine

“Energy independence. We can not even heat our homes, power our industries, or our transportation sector — some super power we are!” — Gibson (Berea, KT)

“The U.S. needs to focus on health care, social security and what has happened to those in need on the Gulf Coast from Hurricane Katrina. Our own citizens are being neglected, while billions of dollars are being spent on the war.” — Renee

“ President Bush should speak of how well the economy is doing. I would like to hear some positive news for a change.” — Jason

“I want to hear the president explain why more Americans are dying at the hands of illegal aliens, than in the Iraq war. I want to hear his plan of action to force them back home through attrition, increased border security, and holding greedy corporate America responsible for breaking already existing laws.” — Larry (New Palestine, IN)

“I would dearly love to see the president speak out about our current income tax system and about a switch to "The Fair Tax Plan," HR25.” — Griss

“I would like to see the border patrol guards, Mr. Copean and Mr. Ramos, pardoned immediately. We owe them an apology and our gratitude for keeping our borders safe. I would like to see that drug dealer go to jail, and not let him go free the next time.” — Sue

“Now that the congress is controlled by liberals, what kinds of gun control laws will be supported?” — Chuck

“I want the president to step out and tell all of us that we have to win this war. He is more interested in his convictions and what is best for us, than he is about his own polls. I want him to remind everyone that the economy is the best it's ever been and that in order to keep it that way, we need to keep our tax cuts.” — Sherry

“I would like to see the president use this speech as an opportunity to pardon the two border patrol agents that were sent to prison.” — Bruce

“I would like to our taxes reduced, preferably by reducing spending on unnecessary programs, which unfortunately are far too many. I would also like to see the gloves taken off our military in the war on terror, so that we can destroy our enemies. Also we need to use more domestic energy, including drilling for more oil, building new refineries, turning oil shale into fuel, and use more nuclear power plants.” — Don

“I want to see the illegals treated like the criminals they are. They steal jobs from Americans and cause tax increases for social services and schools — all of which they have no rights to. And I want to stop hearing them referred to as immigrants, they are illegal aliens! By allowing them to continue to break the laws, it is a smack in the face to all the legal immigrants and work-visa holders, not to mention the legal residents of this country.” — Cynthia (Merrimack, NH)

“Let's begin with the highest cost of everything since this president has been in office. The country is in a mess. We need to be more concerned about America with our issues of the homeless, healthcare for all Americans, jobs, gas prices, the high cost of food, and why are we spending over a trillion dollars on a war when we have people here in America with no place to live. If we truly support the troops, show it when they return with support to find them jobs, and mental and physical help for the soldiers and their families.” — Sepie

“Close those borders! Deport illegal immigrants! Build the fence! Fine employers of illegal immigrants! ” — Joan

“I would like to hear that we are getting out of Iraq and bringing our troops home. Then I want to know that our tax money is being spent on education for our young and care for our elderly citizens.” — Jane

“Tell us about all of the good things that have been accomplished in Iraq.” — Robert

“I want to see the president be a leader and tell the American people that Congress and environmentalists are keeping us dependent on foreign oil, by standing in the way of drilling for our own oil” — Michael C (Carmel, IN)