Report: Anna Nicole Smith's Lawyers Trying to Halt Paternity Test

As Tuesday's deadline looms for the DNA test to establish the paternity of Anna Nicole Smith's baby, Smith's lawyers are furiously working to halt the test, is reporting.

Smith's lawyers are arguing that the order requiring the test was never brought before a Bahamian judge, sources told TMZ.

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge ordered the test, but Smith's lawyers now say it's not binding until a Bahamian judge gives it a stamp of approval.

Smith's lawyers are trying to block the test on grounds that the United States DNA lab hired by Larry Birkhead, the man claiming to be the father of little Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern, cannot legally administer the test because its technicians don't have work permits for the Bahamas, sources also told TMZ.

Smith's romantic partner and longtime lawyer Howard K. Stern maintains he is the baby's father.

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