Report: Miss USA Tara Conner Checks Out of Rehab

Tara Conner is out of rehab and will be soon be ready to resume her Miss USA duties, the New York Daily News reported Monday.

Conner checked out of the Caron Foundation in Wernersville, Pa., on Sunday, according to the paper.

"Right now she's just going to get used to being out," an unnamed source told the paper. "She needs some time to breathe."

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The Miss USA pageant denied a report that Conner would be appearing at a New York nightclub upon her return to New York.

Conner, 21, was almost stripped of her title in December after reports surfaced that she had attended wild parties in New York's bar scene, took drugs and was seen making out with Miss Teen USA Katie Blair.

Miss USA pageant owner Donald Trump announced Dec. 19 that he would allow her to remain Miss USA if she settled down and entered alcohol rehab.

"Walking in this morning, in no way did I think it would be possible for a second chance. I've had a very big blessing bestowed upon me — you'll never know how much I appreciate Mr. Trump for saving me on this one," Conner said after the press conference. "He could have said 'You're Fired' — he's a very, very compassionate person."

Trump emphasized that he had great faith in the Conner's ability to recover from the scandal.
"Tara is going to be the great comeback kid," he said.