Latest Chapter in 'Welcome to Democratland'

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It's time for another chapter of our continuing "Big Story" saga called "Welcome to Democratland"!

In Democratland, the only thing that you need to know is that things are going to change. The Iraq war is going to change, the tax laws are going to change, and Democrats are already practicing their White House act, since they regard the current president as nothing more than an occupant of public housing and soon one of their own will take his place at the levers of power.

But here are some other things that will change. In Democratland it will soon be illegal to run a conservative talk radio program, and it will soon be law that the Minutemen — the citizen border patrol keeping an eye on the Mexican border — will be classified domestic terrorists.

Let's go over the first. Long ago and far away, people like me used to live under something called the Fairness Doctrine. This was a FCC rule that opinion had to be presented with its counter opinion. So television and radio was essentially a discussion punctuated by the anchor or host saying "and now for the other side of the issue..." We used to have to put a stopwatch on opinion and partisan commentary. One side had to get the same amount of time as the other side, and there wasn't room for much deviation.

That all went away with the great profusion of new radio stations and new television outlets, and consequently there is a lot of conservative radio, and there is fair and balanced TV, right here at FOX.

Well, now Democrats have had enough of all that and they want the old rules reimposed. And Congressman Maurice Hinchey of New York says bluntly: Right wing media must be stopped.

The other development comes out of the Arizona legislature from a Democrat lawmaker who wants to change the law in such a way as to redefine the activities of the Minutemen, the border group, as domestic terrorism.

So if you're a conservative we're going to shout you down, and if you're against illegal immigration we're going to lock you up.

Welcome to Democratland, ladies and gentlemen. The show is about to begin.

That's My Word.

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