Here Come the Haters

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I have debated whether to blog or not — to keep GretaWire active on a daily basis or to do other projects — but while still trying to decide about the future of GretaWire, I could not resist blogging today — and here is why:

Over the weekend, Sen. Hillary Clinton decided to jump into a growing field of candidates for president in '08. I look forward to hearing what she offers the country — likewise I look forward to hearing from OTHER Democratic candidates AND ALL the Republicans candidates in the race. I want to hear from EVERYBODY (both parties) on ALL the issues — not just some — so that I vote wisely. I assume you agree: We must listen carefully and vote wisely (don't knee jerk vote). I have certainly not made up my mind how I will vote in '08 and hearing from all the candidates from both parties is important. Don't kid yourself: This is a very important time for our country. We need to discuss and debate issues so that wise choices are made for Americans.

Here is what I do know: Senator Clinton's entry into the contest will draw out the "haters." You know who they are since they have reared their heads before. You certainly don't have to like Senator Clinton or agree with her, but you should see her entry into the race as an increased opportunity to engage important issues worthy of debate. The more in the race, the greater the debate. The "haters" don't move the debate forward, but inhibit it. Haters are selfish — they advance themselves with personal attacks — often lining their pockets. Hate sells. Hate/personal attacks are not constructive to the debate.

I am certainly not suggesting you vote for Senator Clinton, but I am suggesting you not join the "haters" since hating is never constructive to debate. Likewise, don't hate any Republican candidates. You need to hear from Republicans and not be poisoned by any personal attacks on them. You should make up your mind based on facts and not just the poison of hate.

I don't know about you but "haters" look lame (small?) to me because I want to hear ideas not just the personal sliming of candidates. The haters' weapons are personal attacks. I turn them off when they start talking. We see this on some radio and some TV. There are many in this country — they know who they are — who have made a living by spewing hate and not debating issues. I hope that in this election cycle we can ignore the haters — if we ignore them, we make them invisible. This is a good thing.

Perhaps we can do even more. Perhaps we can shame the haters enough that they use their bully pulpit to actually discuss issues (and not to simply take personal swipes.) That would be a good thing. We need to have all points of view in the debate and use all mass media to promote an exchange of ideas.

One final note: Just because you don't agree with someone does not mean that person is bad or evil. It means you have different opinions — different ideas to achieve important national goals. I suspect that you disagree with some members of your family and you respect that family member. You can disagree with respect. Good people can have different ideas and opinions.

So, ignore the haters, open your ears to the issues, watch closely all the candidates, listen carefully to all the candidates, make up your own mind on facts and don't be poisoned by the personal attacks.

And may the person with the best ideas for our country win!

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