Brash Venezuelan Bullying

On Sunday, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez blatantly denounced America, by telling U.S. officials to "Go to hell, gringos!" and called Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice "missy."

The lash out was heard on Chavez's weekly radio and TV show, in response to what he feels is unacceptable American meddling into Venezuelan affairs and his continued belief that the U.S. is trying to overthrow him.

Chavez was recently re-elected by a wide margin last month, and plans to enact sweeping reforms to make Venezuela a socialist state, including nationalizing the main telecommunications company and the electricity and natural gas sectors, raising domestic gasoline prices, and approving a new tax on luxury goods. READ MORE

Since Chavez's brash statements and his declaration to turn his country into a socialist state, do you think Venezuela will now become a threat to American democracy?

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Here's what FOX Fans are saying:

"I think that Chavez is going to be the South American Ahmadinejad. This is a man that holds a lot of power in the oil industry, and with comes a potential danger to the free world. It would be wise of us to keep one of our many eyes on Chavez." — Scott F. (Maumelle, AR)

"Chavez is a small fish in an even smaller pond, and we really shouldn't be spending so much time and energy worrying about him. Let's stop buying petroleum from Venezuela for a year or two, even if it hurts our prices at the pump, and my bet is we'll see some shifting of Chavez's position in regards to us." — Chris

"No, Chavez is not a threat to democracy abroad. He is a threat to freedom in his country. He will take Venezuela down the same path Cuba went." — Wayne

"Not at all, he is a third rate thug trying to act like a great leader." — Shawn (Terre Haute, IN)

"I think Chavez is getting more and more dangerous because he is taking total control and listens to the Iranian president. (Try for nukes?)" — Dale (Annandale, MN)

"I could not care less what he says. He is only a threat to us if we permit it." — Harry

"I think he is a wanna be dictator who is going to run his country amuck if he hasn't already. It is clear he plans to undermine the U.S. in any way he can and he will. He is dangerous, if not outright paranoid and egomaniacal. We've seen them before and he is a classic example of the type." — Judy

"He is a dictator who swept to power in a military coup and who was elected in a "landslide" victory … can you say election fraud? He is nationalizing private companies' assets, which is a very nice way of saying stealing. He has embraced Iran as an ally and he is very hostile to the freedom, democracy and the United States and our interests. He is spreading this rebellion to the region and the world. Like any bandit, he makes friends by giving his ill gotten gains to his supporters and has decided that he will suspend legislative mandates that would force him from office. He is rewriting the constitution that was written by legislators freely elected by the people reflect a model that only a dictator would want. He is a thug on the order of Mussolini and we should be very concerned with him." — Steve

"Certainly Chavez is a threat, but he might pay careful attention to what happened to other bullies, for example, Hussein and his "literally" half brother. " — Carol

"The U.S. should respect how Chavez feels towards us and stop any money that Venezuela gets from us. Americans should not buy another gallon of gas from CITGO and the government should cut every penny of aid we send them. Chavez has a right to his opinion, but we are one ones that are stupid if we keep supporting someone who feels this way about the U.S. " — Joy (Alabama)

"He's only an immediate threat to his own country. His international fomenting is without any significant influence. Another half-baked leader struggling desperately to achieve greatness by damning his own people and rattling pointless sabers. Annapolis, MD" — Gordon

"It should be evident that Chavez is indeed a socialist and wants to be the next dictator of the world or at least Central and South America. I spent the last four years living in Central America. Chavez has an enormous amount (undue) in the region. If you think Castro was bad wait tell this guys gets richer and more powerful. He thinks that he is invincible. He is dangerous and the anti-US sentiment is growing. Bad news this guy!" — Joe ( Missouri)

"Hugo Chavez is definitely a threat, not just to democracy but to the world as we know it. He is as great a threat as Adolph Hitler and this is multiplied by his possible partnering with the leaders of other countries such as North Korea and Syria, etc. Their propaganda is teaching hatred, especially toward the U.S. in their people, even the young children." — A Mom in Texas

"YES, the man is crazy for power and certainly a threat to the peace of the whole world." — Sandra (Raleigh, NC)

"Yes, he is definitely a danger to global peace. Americans continued dependence on oil provides the 'fuel' for his perception of power on the global scene. The sooner the U.S. develops other alternatives to fossil fuels the better for our national security and interests. Wake up Congressmen!" — Larry

"I believe that Chavez has the potential and the desire to be the next Castro, but if we strangle him, early, financially, maybe he will face the wrath of his people and become a non-factor." — Bruce

"I think he is a big threat to our democracy ... I will not buy CITGO gas, I will pay 10 cents more a gallon then buy his gas. Anyone who thinks he isn't a threat has their heads stuck in the sand somewhere .. but then again, most American don't think we need to fear any kind of terrorist threats. I can't believe how gullible people are now. WAKE UP AMERICA." — Mary