13-Year-Old Girl Whose Dad Blamed Her For Mom's Murder Denies Charges

A petite 13-year-old girl, testifying at her father's murder trial Friday, denied his claims that she stabbed her mother to death.

Prosecutors allege Brad Reay, 46, stabbed his wife dozens of times after she asked for a divorce.

Tami Reay's nude body was found near Lake Oahe two days after she disappeared last February. Some of the wounds in the 41-year-old's chest went all the way to the hilt of the knife.

Under questioning from a prosecutor trying to show that she could not have inflicted such wounds, Haylee testified that she weighed just 80 pounds when her mother was slain.

The defense alleges the Reay's daughter, Haylee, killed her because she was upset about the possible breakup.

On cross-examination, defense attorney Timothy Rensch asked the girl about her athletic abilities. She said she is good at basketball, volleyball and soccer.

Brad Reay watched his daughter carefully and occasionally smiled while she testified.

Haylee told the jury that the morning after her mother disappeared, her father told her she probably was with her boyfriend. "He said don't tell anybody because it's personal," she said.

Brad Reay was an assistant manager at a Wal-Mart. An assistant manager at a Kmart, where Tami Reay worked part time, testified earlier that he had become romantically involved with her.