Why I'd Like to See John Kerry Run for President Again

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One of my favorite columnists, Jonah Goldberg, is writing today in National Review Online saying: Please don't let Kerry run again.

I must say I differ with my friend Jonah, though I admit he writes more persuasively and amusingly, and he makes smart points. However, I live to see John Kerry run again. And Al Gore and Mike Dukakis and Ross Perot and Al Sharpton. These are the guys who have kept me on the edge of my seat every minute of the long presidential campaign.

John Kerry's voting for it before he voted against it was a classic. You don't get that stuff unless someone is running for president who is prone to say things for the entertainment of reporters and anchors and show hosts. Think of the rollicking good times in store if the Democrats would just give Kerry the nomination again. As a matter of fact, I've been having a good time just talking about the fact that Kerry thinks he deserves another chance.

I'd like to see Mike Dukakis run again. I know everybody talks about the shot of him in the tank looking like Alfred E. Neuman goes to war. Or the moment Bernie Shaw ended his campaign in that TV debate.

I talk about those moments, too, and I want more. I dread the chance that two candidates will spend two years running without doing something really, really stupid.

I'd love to see Ross Perot run again. The voice, the charts, the endless interviews on Larry King. Have you seen anything like it since? No, you have not.

I'd like to see Bob Dole run again. Remember how he used to talk about himself in the third person? Bob Dole thinks this, Bob Dole believes that. Not very many presidential candidates are that cranky and that self-deprecating. If it wasn't for the obvious — that Clinton had that election sleepwalking — a President Dole promised to be nothing but amusing, a virtual hurricane of howling funny stuff.

I like the Gary Hart campaign. It was breathtaking, a real daredevil act. Run for president and run around with a blonde at the same time. In my business, you can't beat that stuff with a stick.

And Al Gore? That would be delicious, wouldn't it? He thinks he won it the first time. He is Mr. Earth. He hates Bush. And the loony left worships him.

It would be fun. We can dream.

That's My Word.

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