Female Pillow-Fighting League Takes Toronto by Storm

Pillow-fights are no longer reserved for pajama parties and pre-teen girls. Now, adult women are getting involved, and it's getting serious.

The Pillow-Fight League is the newest spectator sport to take Toronto by storm, Reuters reported.

Ever since its inception early last year, the league's events, where women attack each other with pillows, have been drawing big crowds and raking in big money.

The league was the brainchild of Stacey Case, a 38-year-old T-shirt printer and musician.

Case got the idea when he went to see a burlesque troop, and when the group broke out into a pillow fight, women from the audience stood up to join them.

"It was really, really fun, and really funny that they were actually fighting for real. I woke up the next day, and I was like, "Oh my God, that was awesome," he said.

After placing some local ads, Case and friends were booking events, and the league soon grew into having 22 fighters, a big fan base and lots of ambition.

The fighters go by names such as Boozy Suzie, Lynn Somnia and Betty Clock'er, and they take on specific personas, such as "the waitress from hell" and a "cushion-swinging housewife."

Case is looking to the bigger picture, maybe a TV deal. He says he's already rejected bids that didn't fit the needs of the sport.

"I'm prepared for it to tank," says Case. "But I hope it doesn't."

Beware the Underwear Bandit

Dude, where are my panties?

Panty possession is the crime one Nebraska man is accused of, after several women discovered their undergarments had gone missing from their apartment building's laundry room.

James D. Edwards, 25, of Lincoln, Neb., is accused of stealing multiple pairs of ladies' panties and cutting pieces out of them, reported Lincoln's Journal Star.

Several women in the apartment complex described similar experiences with their lingerie. Residents also found pornographic pictures along with their laundry, and witnessed Edwards urinating among the washer/dryers.

Police arrested Edwards in December after several reports of laundry room incidents at the complex.

He was charged with three counts of criminal mischief and one count each of first-degree criminal trespassing, disturbing the peace and theft by unlawful taking.

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Ohhhhh Happy Day!

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — You've heard of "Happy Hour" but how about "Happy Day?" All-day drink specials could become a reality in South Carolina.

A state House subcommittee on Wednesday approved legislation that would allow bars and restaurants to choose one day a week, except Sundays, for all-day specials on liquor drinks.

Currently, businesses can sell and advertise liquor drink specials — though not less than half-price — from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. only. Breaking the law can be punished by at least three months in jail and a fine of at least $100.

The bill's sponsor, Rep. Doug Smith, said the proposal would legalize what many businesses already do.

The proposal is up for debate next Tuesday by the state House Judiciary Committee.

He'll Be a Regular Customer From Now On!

HARRISON TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP) — If Robert Ricard had picked the wrong restaurant for lunch, he might have died.

The 71-year-old suffered a heart attack shortly after ordering a glass of wine with friends at Bentley's Roadhouse on Saturday.

Luckily, a disaster medical team was sitting nearby.

Members of the Mich-1 Disaster and Medical Assistance Team were having lunch after a morning of training at nearby Selfridge Air National Guard Base. They immediately jumped to the rescue when a waitress yelled for someone to call 911.

Ricard twice quit breathing and turned blue. The rescuers revived him both times.

Ricard chose Bentley's from a list of five restaurants, said his friend, Bill Novak.

"These courageous and talented people brought Bob back to life right in front of my very eyes," Novak told The Macomb Daily of Mount Clemens. "If it wasn't for their quick reaction to what could have been a deadly situation, I don't even want to think about it."

Ricard was taken to a hospital, where he met his rescuers on Tuesday.

This Thief Is Gonna Be Sorely Disappointed

LOS ALAMOS, New Mexico (AP) — Someone has stolen a fake nuclear bomb, according to its owner.

The faux 500-pound nuke was somehow hefted from a Los Alamos salvage store, the Black Hole, the Los Alamos Monitor reported in Thursday editions.

The store is run by Ed Grothus, a Los Alamos peace activist who sells salvage from Los Alamos National Laboratory and other places.

Grothus said he bought several so-called "practice bombs" in Oklahoma about three years ago.

He said he last saw it Monday morning, but he noticed it was gone when he was ready to go home that evening.

New Mexico was home to the Manhattan Project, the secret community that gave birth to the atomic bomb. The first nuclear test was also conducted there in 1945.

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