Pooch Buried Alive!

Africanized Bees

Remember hearing about the two Ft. Lauderdale teens and their pet who were attacked by bees last month? Testing at a University of Florida lab determined the bees responsible for the attack were not European honeybees, as originally believed, but Africanized bees. For those of you who don’t remember the story, it took place on December 26th while the teens where outside washing their dog. The bees swarmed around the three and began stinging. Although they all suffered many stings, everyone survived.

Kindhearted Cop
Cops have to take enforcing the law very seriously. Hey, it’s their job. Sometimes this causes people to forget that cops are people too. One Bradenton, Florida, police officer reminds us of the kinder side of the men behind the shield.

Officer Nicholas Evans arrested a homeless woman with an outstanding warrant. Now, he was obligated to do his job and arrest the woman, but what he wasn’t obligated to do was worry about her shopping cart which contained all of her belongings. The officer could have just placed her in his cruiser and brought her to the station, but, concerned for her personal effects, he took the time and effort to pull her cart alongside his cop car. It took Evans an hour to slowly and safely pull the cart along, painstakingly making the 12-mile trip back to the police station.

And what does he get for his good deed — teased by fellow officers after the story was posted on a popular police Website, and possibly reprimanded for acting as some officers feel was “inappropriate.”

Buried Alive Pooch

When digging in your yard you can come across a lot of weird stuff, but this one might just beat them all. Robbie Wilson of Pensacola, Florida, heard whimpering coming from his neighbor’s backyard. When he went over to investigate, he saw the tip of a dog’s nose peaking out from the dirt. He called Animal Control, and they spent over an hour carefully digging the pooch out of his early grave. Once freed, the dog briefly walked before collapsing. It is now being treated for dehydration at a local animal hospital. There is an ongoing investigation and so far no charges have been made.


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