Bullying Goes High Tech

A video posted on the Web showed a young girl being attacked by a group of older girls, in front of a neighborhood elementary school.

The 12-year-old girl was thrown to the ground, had her hair pulled, and endured repeated slaps and kicks to the head, before the older girls ran away.

School administrators intervened after they became aware of the video, and suspended the three attackers. One student at the North Babylon, Long Island high school said, "There's a lot of fights that people just tape now and then they'll stick it on YouTube or MySpace."

Do you think school officials should be able to prosecute "bullies" from videos posted on popular websites, like YouTube and MySpace?

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Here's What FOX Fans are Saying:

"I am sure that this was not the first time that these girls have been involved with this type of behavior. Shame on them and shame on their parents for their upbringing. They should be placed in a juvenile detention center and I am sure that they would meet their match there. Separate them and then we can see how tough they are." — Bill (New Hampshire)

"A similar incident occurred in Sebastian Florida near the Sebastian River High School about a year ago. A 15-year-old girl attacked another student at the school and her friends videotaped the brutality. I believe the girl was disciplined and suspended from the school as was her videographer. Makes you wonder if this video was destined for Myspace?" — Donna
(Sebastian, FL)

"Yes, they should be able to prosecute the girls with the video as evidence." — Apple

"If I was the girl's parent, I would have all of the attackers expelled from school. Where are the parents of these bullies? Parents need to take control of their offspring, end of story. If you have kids you are responsible for them and their behavior. — Gary (Chippewa Falls, WI)

Bullies are the bane in this society. Schools should do whatever they can to punish these bullies, because they will grow up and become criminals/felons. Parents should do their part about bullies in their homes and teach their children right from wrong."— Jade (Arizona)

I was so upset about the video of the 'Girl Fight.' I guess I'm cynical enough to not be shocked that this kind of thing happens and then proudly displayed on MySpace, but when you mentioned that the PARENTS refused to press charges against the young monsters, I was aghast! What kind of a parent do all they can to protect their CHILD?!?! The state, as well as the school, should press charges on the attackers, on behalf of the attacked girl if the parents won't!" — Laura (St. Lincoln, NE)