3 Female Teens Charged After Video of Them Beating 13-Year-Old Girl Surfaces

Three female high school students were arrested in New York Tuesday after a video of them verbally and physically attacking a younger girl surfaced on the Web, a Suffolk County police official said.

The girls were also suspended for three months from attending North Babylon High School where they were students,

The girls were charged with juvenile delinquency with an underlying charge of attempted assault in the third degree and were released with a ticket for a future court date, according to department spokesman Tim Motz.

The news comes after a video was discovered on YouTube of the three girls — two of them 14 and one 15 — beating up a 13-year-old girl Dec. 18 in front of the neighborhood elementary school. Previous reports said the alleged victim was 12.

VIDEO: Teens Post Shocking Beat Down Video on Web

The victim was verbally assaulted, her hair was pulled and she was repeatedly slapped and kicked in the head and body before the gang of girls ran away laughing. The kids were caught after school administrators learned other students were watching the video on the Internet and proceeded to tip off the police.

The crime section of the department completed their investigation Tuesday and moved to arrest the three girls.

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Why the clan of three attacked the girl is still unclear. Some told FOX News the victim somehow disrespected her assailants, while others say she was picked at random.

"There's a lot of fights that people just tape now and then they'll stick it on YouTube or MySpace," one female student told FOX News. "It doesn't happen really in school, it happens like a lot, like somewhere else, and they just tape it and put it on the Web site."

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